Techsuit Warfare, Part Two

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{Lieutenant Hawk? Sir, do you read?} A male voice spoke over the radio. {Sir, this is Corporal Haggets with the medics. We have a problem, and need your assistance, or of anyone you can send.}
{Yes Corporal what is it?} I sigh what ever it is I hope it isn't something to do with that damned plague.
{I can't contact Bayli, sir. She was in one of the rooms I set up for her use, but its door is jammed. The doorknob is unusually cold. I have no clue what's causing it.} Cpl Hagget replies.
{Alright I will be there shortly.} I grumble a bit then remind myself that this was the life I chose back when I was part of the Dominion.

I head over to the medical building and look for the Corporal.
Listening for the echoes, I hear them coming from my right. {Found it, ma'am. Think there are any guards left?} I start walking, my assault rifle ready for anything.
"Ignore this. I will get what was here later on. Probably."
SF, I wasn't anywhere near it yet. In fact, I had a whole conversation planned for before I got there.
As soon as Lieutenant Hawk gets in the building, a short, balding Corporal walks up to him and salutes.
"Sir. Corporal Hagget. Follow me, she's this way." He drops his arm, and walks off.
"Right lead the way." I follow Corporal Hagget.

"Are there any exterior windows where she is?"
{Nope, there should not be any guards left.}
{I'm not so sure. I mean, the Jorium was a pretty big surprise.}
"Negative, sir. I gave her one without it." Cpl. Hagget replied. After a few seconds, he stops in front of a door. "She's in here." He looks at the guard nearby.
"Still jammed shut?" He asks
"Yeah. Already tried opening it twice. Second time made my fingers numb." The guard replies.
"Move please."

I position myself to ram into the door. After taking enough steps back for a running start I activate my anti-grav generator and charge at the door. I hit the door with added speed and weight.
Hey Draconus, SF. I might end up just bringing in Cynthia later since Korzis is here and all. Could make things interesting, and I can put the suit on if you say I have to have it on.

IC: Vault started to have some cramping now and he couldn't move. "!@#$." He muttered under his breath.
The door budges, but isn't broken open. Air rushes out, and ice begins forming on the door. The air coming out was extremely cold. Cpl Hagget and the guard look at each other in surprise.
"What the....? How the heck?" The guard asks, shocked.
"W-well, we know why the door wasn't moving. Must have gotten frozen over." Cpl. Hagget replies.
What are you doing, dude?
Vault is going to die my friend.
Talking about Jester and the frozen door.

I have a deep hatred for ice. Hate it IRL, I have yet to like an ice-based level in any video game, and songs based off of ice never seem to click with me.
Trapped Under Ice has my second lowest rating among Metallica songs, being only better than Some Kind of Monster.
Cold As Ice may be catchy, but I do not like it whatsoever.
Etcetera etcetera.
Still though, is Cynthia accepted if I decide to bring her? And do you want her in a suit or make her unique?
All I'm going to say is: Psi-knife.

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