Feral: The Need to Survive (Open RP)

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Serinity was a small lush world inhabited by colonists soon after the Broodwar ended. The settlement was relatively small until cavers made a discovery that would change it all. They found a herb with properties that could extend the life and youth of who ever was taking it and in larger doses increases the chance of mutation in whatever was taking it. Serenity then boomed, turnining from a small colony into many cities across the planet. The rich bought large quantities of it and the Dominion were trying to develop a new drug to help create super soldiers, thus the herb was named "God's Glory." Scientists have recently noticed that the effects of the herb were much more noticeable on animals. One leaf could extend the life of a cat and dog up to 80-90 years. The companies took advantage of this pets is and marketed and made food for pets with God's Glory inside and the companies hit a economic jackpot. Pet sales rose and people demanded more exotic pets and even a zoo which were both granted. However the second effect of God's Glory on animals was not fully explored and soon cats the size of beagles were not uncommon and some records hold that one dog developed primitive venom glands. These mutations were not unnoticed by the Zerg Swarm who wanted to gain new strains and use the God's Glory to the their advantage, swiftly invade, causing havoc and chaos. The Dominion quickly sent a small task force to make sure the Zerg dont take over the planet. And to make matters worse the Protoss appear hoping to eradicate the Zerg and study the mysterious herb.

You are either an unfortunate animal caught in the conflict or a Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. (only 2-3 of these)


<Rper Name>

Species: (This is is your an animal. otherwise its race)
Subspecies: (if any. Example: Species is cat but its Subspecies may be Maine !@#$)
Description: (what your char looks like)

If I disapear suddenly Zarkie or Crymson will DM and if they cant Zanon will.
Im open to suggestions so have fuuuuuun!!!!!!
Mecha, I'm gonna need a sketch for your plot so I don't mess it up.
Well thats the basic plot so if I disapearr you or Crymsom will be emergency DMs and make sure the RP goes slow ok??????
Name: Zoey
Species: Dog
Subspecies: Tornkjak
Weapons: Canines, Claws, Psionic Powers
Description: Black and white, small-ish. Quite fluffy.
Backstory: The herb made her and her 'alpha' dog gain Psionic powers.

Name: Bear
Species: Dog
Subspecies: Samoyed
Weapons: Canines, Claws, Psionic Powers.
Description: Snow white and extremely fluffy.
Backstory: The herb made him and his little dog gain Psionic powers.
Honestly, I'm pretty much new to rp and I'm wondering if an hour or two a night is enough free time to keep up with one of these?

If so, this one seems interesting and I must wonder exactly how drastic these mutations would be. Are we going to see things more like neon-camo cats or more like psionic dragons?
"Always varies. During summer and weekends, probably not, but during the school year, most likely."
I'll join so I remember to check this.


Name: Call's himself Hunter
Species: Bengal Tiger
Subspecies: unknown
Weapons:Claws, teeth, bladed tail, enhanced reflexes
Description: White with red stripes, a side effect of herb.
Backstory: Released into Serenity's wilds to see how he fared. Is now the dominant predator, even avoided by the Zerg.
Name: Brian (or at least that's what he calls himself)
Species: Komodo Dragon
Subspecies: ???
Weapons: Claws, septic bite (no antidote), and is much faster and stronger than a normal Komodo dragon.
Description: Muddy-brown, but he will change color to fit surroundings.
Backstory: Escaped from a zoo where he was given the herb to make him look more fierce.
Does this seem fine?


Name: Merc
Species: lizard
Subspecies: armadillo girdled lizard
Weapons: claws, armored scales, electric shock
Description: (http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4e98dWqB21qkrbwao1_1280.jpg)
Now picture this cute little guy as about 9" long with a slightly larger wingspan.

Backstory: Created by one of the more exotic pet companies as a gift for the CEO's son, a bit
of gene splicing gave him his wings. The life-enhancing herb, though, had the
unexpected side effect of a slowly building electric charge in the lizard that was
deemed too dangerous by the CEO. Then, he reportedly threw the "abomination"
through his office window and it disappeared.
Looking good. Will start soon
Name: Dentra
Species: Zerg
Subspecies: Zergling
Weapons: Claws, Bite
Descripton: Pure white Zergling with blood red eyes and slightly taller than an average Zergling.

Backstory: Dentra's pure white defection has many consider it an outcast, always the runt of the group, Dentra is forced to go in first. Has been lucky so far as to not dieing. Also has considered joining the Terrans.
Do u guys think I should start now or get 1 more
Now, you have five people.
The morning was like any other for 18 year old Joe Young. He got out of bed, made his coffee and got dressed for work but this was going to be no ordinary day for when Joe walked outside he saw the most terryifying thing in all his life. In the sky close outside the city he saw a large purple cloud with multiple branches splitting off into difrent directions and something that looked like ran was coming off of it. He realeased this wasnt some freak storm event for as young children they were taught that this was the worst enemy of mankind, Zerg........


Tips: Since you are an animal and dont know what the names of the diffrent things like Zerg, Protoss, Terran, Tank, Etc so make names like you could call the Zerg the Sky Demons since ur an animal
Zoey chased her tail as the purple stuff rained down. Bear just sat there. Watching.
I was just finishing eating when the first drop of strange water fell. Then the earth shook and I looked towards the sun, seeing strange creatures running at me, though not many. "RAWR! Leave my territory!" Seeing they were going to ignore me, I prepare to fight them.
The water is infact drop pods just an FYI
Sunning myself on a rock and fixated on a nearby insect, I barely notice the first drops of strange... somethings... around me. Leaping for my meal, I notice some large creatures approaching and bring it with me to hide under the rock I'd been sitting on.
As the creatures near me, I roar and leap on the first one, ripping out it's throat as my tail cuts anothers head off. "You will not survive this encounter!"
Some living creature was stepping towards Zoey and Bear. Zoey spoke, through her Psionics, to it. "Hi." She said. It started charging at her. As it came within a yard of her it was smashed to the side by Bear. He jumps on top of it and his eyes glow silver. His canines grow thrice fold. He bites into its neck before closing his jaws with normal sized teeth. He watches as it dies from the inability to breath.

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