Feral: The Need to Survive (Open RP)

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I watch from under my rock as the creatures run towards the place where the cruel ones live. Deciding that they might be dangerous still, I wait for them to stop passing before I try to move.
I leap away from another creature, one of the ones I'd dubbed clawed lizards, and stab into it's brain with my tail, killing it. "You are weak!"
Zoey starts wandering off, making Bear have to follow. Soon enough they arrive at a forested area.
The Zerg set up a hive cluster in the forest near the city so they can spawn reinforcements and infest ne creatures to add into their deadly Swarm.

"Executor, are you sure you want to intervene????" "Many of our people have aready been lost and we cant afford to lose more???" "I am sure Praetor, the Zerg must want something from this planet and if thet get it could cause great harm to our people." "I hope yor decision Executor will be a smart one, Entaro Tassadar Executor and may the Khala be with you." "Entaro Tassadar to you Praetor" With that the comlink to the Praetor shut down and the Executor gave the order "Begin the purge of the Zerg."

In the city a large thunder storm blanketed the land adding to the miserable atmosphere and the cloud of airborne Zerg had dispersed all over the city softening up the defenders for the land based Zerg to finish off. Suddenly the clouds lit up and a pillar of light shot down through the sky, blowing all the clouds away and demolishing the hole center of the city and when the clouds cleared out the Mothership Spear of Shakuras came into view surronded by a whole Protoss fleet. The Protoss have joined the fight!!!
As I sit waiting for food, I see strange purple blobs falling out of the sky, one smashing into the zoo I had escaped from just a few hours before. Then, to my surprise, small, spiny creatures swarmed out of where the blobs landed. Deciding there were too many of the creatures, I moved to a safer position.

A few moments later, a massive pillar of light split the sky. Strange shiny birds appeared out of nowhere.
Zoey was busy digging a hole when Bear saw the light. "We must go. The light, it must be a warning of trouble from what we've encountered so far."
Concentrated on the strange light from the sky, I was caught by one of the clawed creatures. Panicking when it tried to bite me, I released almost a full cycle of hot light into it, leaving it twitching on the ground as I ran for the safety of the trees.
Why not.

Name: Silthar
Species: Formerly western diamondback rattlesnake
Weapons: enhanced eyesight, enhanced venom, venomous spines on scales, enhanced muscles (constriction), mild psionic ability in the form of telepathy, camouflage, tail rattle converted into venomous spike
Appearance: always changes color to blend in with his surroundings. Spines are very flexible and normally lie flat against his scales, but can extend up to ninety degrees. Still possesses the characteristic diamond pattern.
Backstory: given the herb in a zoo as part of a test on naturally dangerous animals. This caused him to grow almost to the size of boa constrictor and made his venom incredibly potent. He killed his caretaker during feeding and was classified as too dangerous. He was scheduled to be euthanized when the Zerg invaded. He was able to escape into the wilds and use his newly growing abilities to take down much larger prey. His two favorite methods of killing are constriction combined with the spines on his scales to deliver large doses of his venom, or stabbing his fangs into his prey's neck and lifting it into a tree for feeding. Extremely stealthy, it is difficult to detect him.

Silthar was wrapped around a tree branch, watching the mutated tiger as it dealt with the strange creatures that were attacking him. His tongue flicked out, tasting the odours and warmth of the creatures.

Sssssssstrange. He carefully observed one of the creatures move beneath his tree branch, and extended his head down and clamped his jaws around its neck. His fangs punctured deep into the neck, injecting copious amounts of venom. By the time he had lifted it into the tree, it had stopped struggling.

But, prey issssss prey. He managed to wrench off and swallow one of the legs, and continued watching the fight. Impressssssive.
With the creatures, now monsters in my mind, on the ground, I had hid myself along a tree branch just inside the forest. Hearing ferocious growls further in, I looked in time to see one of the monsters being torn apart in another tree. The idea that there was a bigger predator nearby was not encouraging, so I moved further out along the treeline.
Digesting the limb, I taste the air again, and detect a somewhat familiar scent along the treeline.

And where are you dissssssappearing to, little one? He decided that the creature he had killed was too large even for him to digest, and slowly began moving in the direction of the scent.

Sssssssstay a while.
The other clawed lizards had fled after how easily I'd killed their brethren, and I returned to my den, laying down and cleaning claws. "There are no real challenges left here..."
If Silthar could have grinned, he would have.

Oh, I wouldn't sssssssssay that, sssssssstrong one. That dependsssssss on what you conssssssider a challenge.
I glance at the snake, and grunt in amusement. "Certainly not you, belly crawler. I can smell the venom on you, and one strike of my tail would be enough to avoid it." I continue licking my claws. "Why do you bother me, crawler?"
(How exactly did you see him? Telepathy doesn't give direction, and he's camouflaged.)
Oh, well, that would be my sense of smell, so imagine general direction.
Zoey passes by the giant cat, she was wagging her tail and her butt along with it. Bear was following right behind her. "Sorry for her behavior." He apologizes.
Silthar hissed in amusement. I bother no one. But I am, intelligent, enough to realizzzzzzze that ssssssssssomething issssssssss changing, sssssssssssomething that cannot be sssssssssssolved with mere brute force.

A different taste appeared on the breeze, and he shifted his head. Sssssssuch asssssss that. An extremely large creature was approaching, heavy enough that Silthar could feel the vibrations of its footsteps through his spines and scales. It was easily as tall as the tree around which he was wrapped. Extending himself, he began his descent to the ground to make a better position. Even ssssssssstrong onesssssssss ssssssssuch asssssssss you would have trouble with ssssssssssuch competition.
"This is my home, and I shall defend it as such." I could now feel the vibrations as well. "If this is a challenge, I may reconsider removing your head." I then look at the human pets, though they were still fellow four leggers. "It is excused, brother. But you must leave this place. I fear something of great challenge approaches."
"I'm sure somehow accidentally she'll avoid getting killed, again, for probably the tenth time today." Bear says as he starts herding Zoey. "As for me, I can take care of myself."
Observing the gathering of others who, despite the warning of the voice, seemed peaceful enough, I jumped one tree closer to listen in and almost instantly felt a heavy rumble through the branch.

OOC: Suddenly realizes that communicating as a lizard with no telepathy will not be graceful.

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