Feral: The Need to Survive (Open RP)

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I just talk.


Name: Ergaffi Species: Giraffe
Weapons: Legs
Description: A tall giraffe.
Backstory: He's a giraffe.
OOC: Well yes, but you're also about 20x my size and have a roar that could wake the jungle. I am nine inches long and would be hard-pressed to be heard over a blender.
You have an excellent point. Maybe eat some more Glory for telepathy.
OOC: Hmm, I guess I'll just talk, being a ten foot long monitor lizard

IC: About a quarter of a mile away, I was surrounded by some of the faster creatures. Easily ripping the first one to shreds with my claws and teeth, I charged towards the other three when a strange man-like thing in armor sprinted in and slashed through the three creatures. It began to move toward me when we both felt a massive thing moving somewhere nearby. Not trusting my chances against the blade-thing, I took the pause to escape.
Bear walks beside the large cat. "What is your species called?" He asks it.
"I was once known as the Bengal Tiger, but now, I do not know. That plant," I point at the God's Glory with my tail, "has done much to me."
"The same to me and the young one. We have gained powers even rare among humans."
Silthar hissed in amusement as the large creature grew closer, and an angry bellow ripped through the air. If you are much done converssssssing......
"It is intriguing to hear when we are able to compare ourselves to humans. I myself haven't had contact with them since I killed the one who came to put some device around my neck."
"Interesting. But yes, we are done." Bear readies himself.
I growl in anticipation, my claws raking the dirt in anticipation. "Let it come!" I roar a challenge, birds taking off from the trees.
This is Jester, not me.
I think he is headbutting the internet as we speak?
Name: Mattel
Species: Wolf
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Weapons: Claws, Psionics, a Dagger
Description: Silver-haired grey wolf, with a harness that has a dagger sheath on his right shoulder.
Backstory: Originally a captured wolf in the Zoo, he was sold to a man who, in his wisdom, tried to teach his pet how to use a dagger with his mouth for combat. It worked, but the poor man suffered for it. He now is the Alpha male in a pack of grey wolfs, all affected by the herb.

And this is his post also.

Mattel watched as purple rain dropped from the sky, and the light that followed it. His pack, some 40 wolves, huddled nearby, waiting for his word.
He took a deep breath, not smelling the fear on his pack-mates, but smelling excitement for new members and new enemies. He was proud of them.
He lifts his tail, a signal, and the pack gets up, moving out. The smaller pups keep up, too hyper for their own good.
The vibrations were getting stronger, and another bellow echoes towards us. I roar in response, the whole forest able to hear me. "Come and die!"
I see a floating piece of metal. After slashing it, I realize that there is nothing living inside. Then, two of the blades came into sight, and I knew I could not escape. Seeing the sparking hunk of metal, they run towards me. Quickly I sidestepped one and ripped the other's legs into shreds with my claws, at the same time latching on to the first one's thigh with my jaws. The blade fell, but it stabbed me on the back, so I killed it with a claw to the head.
A large creature barrels it's way out of the trees, knocking them aside, one landing on the belly crawler. "You shall die like your brethren, strange creature!" I leap onto it's back, my claws digging in deep as it bellows in pain.
Bear's eyes turn silver as he charges. His fur freezes and become sharp like a knife. He smashes into the creature then bites, his canines growing thrice their normal size again.
I step across the land, my legs allowing me to pass most of the smaller fences. One huge creature had smashed through my enclosure, allowing my to escape. Rotating my head, I spied another group of animals consisting of a tiger and two dogs, as well as what appeared to be a lizard. I walked onwards, trampling the smaller creatures with my feet
"Don't get mad at me for double posting."
09/07/2012 02:12 PMPosted by Zarkun
A large creature barrels it's way out of the trees, knocking them aside, one landing on the belly crawler. "You shall die like your brethren, strange creature!" I leap onto it's back, my claws digging in deep as it bellows in pain.

(Oye! Paws off messing with other characters! Rule three!)

Silthar hissed as the creature thrashed about, trying to dislodge the cat. The thing was enormous, almost as high as the trees themselves. It possessed two massive claws, each set in arms as thick as branches.

Raising his head, Silthar waited until one of the arms swung close to him, then jerked his head forward and clamped his powerful jaws around the limb. As he was pulled into the air, he drew the rest of his heavily muscled body around the limb, and began coiling around it as he made his way to the creature's horned head.

Brute forccccccccce is not always the answer. Ssssssssometimessssssssss, all that issssss needed isssssssss a proper location.
Having hidden one of the trees that the new monster knocked down, I fell out upon a strange plant. Noticing that the others paid no attention to me and that this plant smelled strangely appetizing, I chanced a nibble or two and a strange feeling swept through me. By body seemed almost as if it were improved somehow and I began to vaguely sense all of my surroundings. At this, some awareness soured the scent of the plant and I returned my attentions to the battle beside me and I had a thought:

What are these new things anyway?
A howl splits the air as Mattel and his pack engages an equal number of the new creatures. His knife stabs into the first, splitting its brain in half. Another comes close to hitting him, and he feigns pain, baiting the creature. It falls for it, and its throat is clawed open. Mattel shakes his pelt, and leaps back into the fight.

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