Feral: The Need to Survive (Open RP)

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I stab my tail into it' head, but all the blows are shallow. I roar in excitement. "You are truly worthy of my prowess!" I strike again and again, waiting for a chance to go for the kill.
Before Bear could make another movement he is nearly hit by a tree as it drops on top of the big monster. Zoey's eyes were golden as this happens. She was laughing as the tree repeatedly smacked the large monster.
I bite down on it's back, watching the tree in case the little human pet was some how swinging around came towards me.
The Ultralisk (Im guessing this is it) roared out in pain as it was repearedly smacked by the tree and was trying to shake the large snake of its one arm. Its crys of pain were not unheeded for a group of Mutalisks came to its aid doing strafing runs on their opponents
I react to the attacks by flicking my tail, cutting the strange star creatures into harmless pieces. "I fear we will have to finish this beast at a later time. He has flying friends!"
I hear screeches and roars coming from somewhere in the forest. Deciding that going towards the noises would be a bad idea, I move off to the ruined city, searching for food.

I swung my head at the flying creatures, taking them down effortlessly.
Startled by the flying monsters and uprooted tree, I ran from my hiding spot and was confronted by one of the armed snake monsters. As its spines simply glance off of my hardened scales, I leap onto its head and release a cycle of power leaving the thing writhing and burned black and dead on the ground.

Noting the increase in my own capabilities, I decide that it might be time to join the others.
"Executor, I have interesting footage for you that you should see" "The Executor opened his eyes and saw a young Data Keeper, a Protoss who looks over all the footage from the Observers, Probes, and troops in front of him. "What is it young one???" "High One I have footage you have to see." The Data Keeper then transmitted what he saw in the Observetory into the Exexcutor's mind through the Khala. The Executor saw strange earth creatures that he had only vaguely heard of (When toss invada Terran worlds they are bound to check out some of their books) fighting off Zerg and even one ripping through a squad of Zealots. "Hmmm, strange..... These creatures seem to have been altered somehow but for some reason I dont think it is Terran genetic engineering. We must find out about these strange animals and see what has altered them. Thank you for your time young one you may go back to your post, Entaro Tassadar." "Entaro Tasssadar Executor" The Executor then ordered squads of High and Dark templar in Warp Prisims with Phoinexes escorts to find these creatures and bring them up to the Sheild of Shakuras.

OOC: Remember High Templars and Dark Templars are elite so taking them down will be hard and remember in lore HT are Zealots with crazy Combat skills and ability to use stuff like Psi storm and feedback
Ha, no energy!

IC: I bite down on top of the giant ones neck, giving the belly crawler an opening. "Strike now, crawler!"
Zoey causes the tree to hit one of the bat like thingies to go flying a long distance, she screams, "HOME RUN!" She then runs in a circle around the large beast before jumping onto it's back then onto one of the bat thingies.

Bear opens his jaw and a small silver ball comes out and smashes through one of the flying beasts wings. He continues doing this.
Suddenly the Mutalisks that were assiting the Ultralisk explode in mid-air. As the Ultralisk looks up you see a shimmer and its throat is sliced open and it falls to the ground. The shimmers uncloak and you see a group of Dark Templars. A Warp Prisim hovers up behind them and unloads a few High Templar. A few Phoinexes hover silently above.
I roar at the new threats, preparing to pounce on the nearest one. "Leave my home!"
Zoey is still riding the bat thingy and laughs. She accidentally drops the tree trunk and just missing Bear.

Bear looks at them, his eyes glowing silver.
Entering the area around the large monster, I arrive just in time to see the flying monsters above come apart and more strange things appear from nowhere. I stop to sense them as I feel myself lifted off of the ground by invisible claws. I see the nearest new thing focused on me, and the image of the cruel ones treatment of me returns. In desperation, I release many cycles of charge directed towards it.

((For the DM: The above 15 days of charge is equivalent to completely charring about 15 hydras. Play with that lightning bolt as you wish. I'm unsure exactly how it would effect a HT, but if it was unexpected, I would guess he wouldn't fare well.))

OOC: Last post tonight.

I walk up to the silvery creatures and contact them with my mind. <What is it that you want?>
One of the shiny birds flew to me and opened its wings. The air around me began to shimmer as strange blades who had more armor appeared out of nowhere. I heard a voice in my mind telling me not to resist.
So of course I resisted.
Quickly I ran in between two, knocking one over with my tail, but the others caught up and dragged me back to the bird.
Mattel howled in triumph, with several creatures dead, both flying and walking. He stops as several shiny birds began to fly around. He growls, but knows that something is coming.
"Hurry, we have to be moving!" He says to the pack, and they begin to flee from the shiny birds.
No reaction to any of the roars? I'm sad...
Silthar slowly wound his way up the creature's arm, his scale covered left eye fixed on its head, the other watching the other creatures that appeared in flashes of light. Ignoring them for the moment, he uncoiled slightly, then lashed out and grabbed hold of the horn on the creature's head in his mouth.

Drawing his body after him, he looped coil after coil around the thick neck, extending the scale spines that faced the creature, and began tightening the muscles in his long body, gradually forcing the spines into the armor. The creature bellowed and thrashed, its massive claws scattering the newly appearing warriors.

Tightening his body, Silthar would have smiled if could have as a crack issued from within his coils.He knew that the weaker armor, already damaged from the cat's bite, had broken fully. Shifting his body, he allowed broken pieces to slip between him, then once again began constricting, driving several spines into exposed flesh. Potent venom flowed into the tiny wounds, and Silthar was confident that the creature's death would follow very soon.

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