Feral: The Need to Survive (Open RP)

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The two special blades who were dragging me made the mistake of holding my feet. Thrashing them with my tail, I managed to break the grip of one, allowing me to kick harder. By suddenly lunging, I was able to bring the other one to the ground. Running into the trees, I camouflaged myself to avoid them.

Their biggest mistake was splitting up. I watched as one of them walked by me. Quickly I lunged, and being 3 feet longer than it was tall, knocked it over. I began tearing open the armor to find a place to bite. As he slashed at me with his blade, leaving deep wounds, I managed to claw a hole in the armor and chomp down, allowing hundreds of thousands of the deadly bacteria who live on my teeth to enter its body.

Finally it shook me off. Then it started concentrating, I lunged forward just as a massive lightning bolt hit the ground where I had been standing. The second bolt hit me directly in the back, but the damage was done. It weakened as it tried to stab me with its blade, some blows hitting. Finally it stopped moving. I was bleeding in dozens of places and battling to stay conscious.

When the other special blades finally got there, I had passed out on top of the corpse.
Seeing they were going to ignore my warning, I lunge at the one who had brought down the giant, tackling it to the ground and slashing it with my claws, trying to break through it's outer skin.
Suddenly the lead Phoinex (I changed it to Phoinexes) surronded the big cat in a gravitation prision and slowly moved him under the warp prisim which proceded to load the creature into its data matrix. The Dark Templar that had been attacked hobbled back into the warp prisim. The Protoss were to busy to here Ergaffi so they mistook the rest of the creatures as hostile and positioned themselves into a battle stance, ready to fight.

@Fenrir The Protoss find the passed out Komodo Dragon on the mortally wounded Templar. They loaded the animal and the Templar into the Warp Prisim and then proceed to load themselves in. The Prisim heads up to the Spear of Shakuras.

OOC: remember that warp prisims arntlike medivacs in the way they load so u cant rlly fight back if your molecules are loaded up in a crystal.
OOC: And my little electrical stunt?

That much power transfer knocked me unconscious btw.
Zoey was still playing on the Mutalisk but Bear saw the danger. "What do you want, demons?"
"We are not demons Earth creature for we are the Protoss. We were not aware you were capable of rational thought. Our Executor noticed that you animals were... altered. He wants us to take you up to the Sheild of Shakura's and find out what has changed you. Please we mean no harm, unlike the Zerg......"

@Acolyte The Hydralisk's roars were not left unchhecked for another Hydralisk and 2 Zerglings came to investigate. The Hydralisk sniffed the lizard, thn stood still waiting for a command from the Queen at the primary Hive Cluster. After about 2 seconds it wrapped the lizard in a cocoon and gently picked it up and carried it back to the Hivve

OOC: The cocoon is just their to make sure the hydralisk doesnt stab the lizard during travel and IS NOT an infesting cocoon
"Most of us are capable of rational thought. But she just thinks everything is a game. But it is an herb called God's Glory by the humans."
"Hmmm...... were does this herb grow Earth Dog. And it would be safer on the Mothership away from the Zerg. For if they do not kill you they will most likely infest you and turn you into one of them and no fate is worse than fighting against the very things you love."
"Don't know where it is. All I know is that it has been in our normal food." Zoey bites the flying creature and it crashes into one of the 'Protoss'.
"So will you come with us??? I wish not to see you twisted into a Zerg killing machine."
"Fine. But be warned, Zoey might accidentally kill you." Bear says as Zoey jumps onto his back.
"And you others????" The High Templar said pointing to the rest of the animals.
As the strange metal bird reached a different, much larger one, I prepared myself for a fight. No one prevented me from defending my home.
Beginning to stir, I note my soft enclosure and bumpy travel before feeling a numbing sensation wash over me. In a brief moment, I unknowingly send out what amounts to a psychic distress beacon before curling into a ball and succumbing to the neurotoxin.
Silthar made his way up the massive creature's back as his venom flooded its system, and it crashed to the ground. Raising his head, he intently observed the strange glittering creatures that had called themselves Protoss.

Sssssssssstay your clawssssssssss, cat. If thesssssssssse creaturessssssssss wanted you dead, they would have done sssssssssssso already.

Slithering down the dead creature's body, he moved in front of one particularly glittering creature, for he sensed that it had been the one who had spoken.

Why sssssssshould we trusssssssst you. All my life I have been usssssssssssed to tessssssssst thissssssssss herb you ssssssssspeak of. How do we know you will not do the ssssssssssame.
"We Ptotoss are much to honorable to test on sentient beings unless eradicating the Zerg and we know that few things could eradicate the Zerg for sure and those methods are often not explored simply since it is to dangerous and even then it may not work. So please come with us because the Zerg will surely infest you and twist you to their own vile will. We have seen it happen to mant creatures of all shapes and sizes except the Protoss for the Khala keeps us pure. We would not want you to be twisted in such a horrible way. Also is it it safe to let your cat friend down???" He gestured towards the tiger suspended in midair.
I roar in anger. "Once I get free, you shall feel my wrath! None take my home from me!"
"Please we are trying to save your planet from the Zerg for if they take this planet all natural life will be assimilated or killed and what was once ground will be horrible Zerg creep."
"I shall kill any who try to take my home from me!" I snap my tail, faster the the strange human could follow, and shatter the sphere, allowing me to fall.
(Doesn't work like that Zarkun. Graviton prison is an energy beam, not a solid sphere, and it immobilizes, so you're basically helpless.)

Silthar considered the creature's words. You could let him down, but there issssssssssssssss a chancccccccccccce that he might harm you.

Pulling himself into a tight stack of coils, his head wavered back and forth. Thessssssssssssssssssse creaturesssssssssssssss that you call Zzzzzzzzzzerg, what do you know of them?

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