Feral: The Need to Survive (Open RP)

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"The Zerg are the mortal enemy of the Protoss. Created by the Xel Naga just like us but they are vile beasts whose whlole goal is to become "perfect" by assimilating a Protoss even thogh this is impossible. There are many diffrerent types of Zerg such as the Ultalisk." he said while pointing to the dead Ultralisk." "And the flying ones you encountered before are mutalisks. All of them are designed to kill. That is the very basics. Do you have any more specific questions??"
Waking again, I feel myself fall to a soft landing and I tear free from the cocoon. At this, the monsters around me all turn and challenge, but do not advance. I see a larger one approaching from behind the others as I note the strange purple ground beneath me and I begin to back away. Seeing flight as an only escape, I leap and take off, leaving the circle.

This higher view shows me the great extent of the purple ground and the territory of these monsters. It becomes obvious to me that the monster's projectiles cannot injure me through my scales, but the impacts still knock me out of the air and I fall at the edge of the strange ground. Stunned, it takes me a second to get back up and moving on claw, but I notice here that the purple ground is growing and spreading as if it were alive.

With monsters on my tail, I jump up to the canopy of the forest to move faster and escape the area.
"All predators were designed to kill." Bear points out. "Such as the wolf ancestors of ours that were fast, cunning, and powerful. The Komodo Dragons of which were able to bite down and have its prey die within a day from the deadly bacteria living within their saliva. And the tigers with their stealth in their safari environment and their pure strength." Zoey was chasing her tail and Bear looks at her, "The only problem was how playful the kids were."
"But with exception of a few all Zerg are designed for ONE reason only and thats to kill and serve the Hivemind. For instance a Zergling doesnt worry about food water or shelter. It worrys about killing and serving the Hive Mind."
Concentrating on nothing but the branch in front of me, I am startled when I find myself with nothing but air in front of me and come crashing down on top of one of the tall not-cruel ones.
Mattel and his pack rush out from the forest, finding other creatures and more of the shiny birds, along with strange people. He turns around, seeing the other shiny bird chasing them still. He growls at the strange people, and the rest of his pack, minus the mothers and kids, take up doing the same to the strangers and the shiny birds. They form a circle, surrounding the kids.
Bear sees the wolves. "Hello there. I remember when I killed four wolves that attacked me before I had any of God's Glory. Things didn't take my heavy fur into account."
I roar again, more in frustration then anger. "Let me down, I must protect my home!" From the cave, you hear the mewling of young tigers and a female tiger.

"Hunter, where are you?"
"I understand you have to protect your loved ones." The Phoinex then lowered the Tigar on the ground." Suddenly a tree rustled and a winged lizard lept on top of a Dark Templar who was clearly dazed and the Protoss had a good laugh and then the High Templar asked "who are you little one??" Suddenly the brush rustles and a pack of wolves comes out. "It seems we have quite the congregation here, do we not???
I leap up to the mouth of the cave, glancing at my mate to reassure her. "Why are you here, PROTOSS?"
"We are here to make sure this lush world does not fall prey to the horrible Zerg. We also must not let the filth find the herb you have been eating or who knows what could happen."
"As long as you do not disturb me or my family, I will let you be. Disturb us, however, and I'll make you my next meal."
Startled at the request for my identity, I taste different sounds and decide...

Merc... Although I've never had a name before aside from "that thing" or "the specimen."
Silthar swayed his head again. You sssssssssseem intelligent, and I sssssusssssspect that if you dessssssssired to kill ussssssssss, you would have done ssssssssssso already.

Turning, he began slithering in the direction of the city. Come. I will ssssssssshow you where the humanssssssssss keep their sssssssssupply.
Thunder im kindve waiting on Jester to does something lolol
Right now, they are in a corner, so you have to do something, else they fight their way out.
Im a bit burnt out guys so it might go a little slow
All good.

Name: Carnos
Species: Protoss
Subspecies: Executor, I guess
Weapons: Psi Blades, Psionic Blasts, His Portion of the Fleet
Description: A relatively tall and well-built Protoss, usually wearing golden armor lined with Khaydarin crystals and green gems. He has an imposing aura around him, and expects compliance of his men to the last stand.
Backstory: Errr...... He's an Executor. You requested I do this :P
thank you Nikola. youll know have the job as DMing the Toss. Also skim through the RP to see were we are at!!

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