StarCore, Part 2

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{Close to where we can see each other, but no closer. If they have explosives, we'll be an easy target.}
The CORE reached the front of the area, it was to thick already and I had to step down. I grabbed my machine pistol and put my knife up. I started to make my way through the thicket stealthily.
As I knock a bird's nest to the ground they started chirping. My eyes glow for a second and they drop to the ground, dead. {F*cking birds.}
{Get out of the trees and you won't have to worry about it.} I spin slowly, noticing the eyes of something hungry. {Or you can stay up there. Not much better down here.}
I crouch in the underbrush, watching as several humans walk by. I hear a loud commotion as a bird's nest falls from an tree overhead, and, looking more closely, spot another dark figure in the tree. The figure's eyes glow briefly, and the birds fall out of the tree. I move back a ways and call back to the rest of the squadron. "Looks like Raynor's Raiders. Don't know if they're hostile yet or not, but be careful, they have at least one psionic capable of killing someone with their mind. How close are you guys anyway? There's a fair number of them, and the sergeant made it clear that we have to figure out this "energy signature" before they do."
I move quickly through the trees again. I felt peering eyes. I didn't like peering eyes.
I whip around, having barely heard the whisper of another human voice. When the woods were this quiet, it wasn't hard. {Hold position, I heard someone. Victor, you see anything?}
{No. But I felt peering eyes. I don't like peering eyes.}
{We hold position til one of us see's something. I know we're being tailed now.}
Noticing the sudden change in the Raiders' behaviour, I conclude that they likely have either spotted me or otherwise have some idea that I'm there, possibly through the psionic's abilities. Then again, they would have probably come after me if they were sure. I wait crouched in the underbrush, hoping that they might decide it was just in their heads.
I started to converge to the energy source, but then I fell through the ground. I mutter to myself as I gripped the ground, it was a pitfall trap. "Well, someone had the patience to do this."
I slowly creep forward, my pistols trained on the underbrush and bushes, ready to squeeze in an instant.
Seeing a Raider CORE pilot coming towards me, I continue hiding, but put my hand on my weapon, just in case. Seeing that he doesn't appear to be about to turn back, I whip out my plasma pistol and fire into the air before bolting back towards the Winter's Reach, using trees for cover as I sprint through the forest.
I lifted myself up when I heard the pistol. "!@#$!" And I lost my grip again and slid down, I was hanging from a branch. "Just great."
"No you don't!" I quickly climb into a tree and use the brushless branches to cut off the person, dropping in front of them, my pistols even with their head and chest. "Who are you?"
I get very close to the energy readings. {Sorry, what were you saying?}
As the Raider pilot lands in front of me, I put my hands up and slowly back towards the clearing, not saying anything yet.

edit: OOC: Crymson, the sound would have been coming from the trees where the shot hit. The actual firing scarcely makes any noise at all, all you would hear is the popping of boiling sap and exploding leaves in the tree branches.
I see, but I think I would have heard something though. Even if it was faint.

IC: The branch that was in the hole started to feel like it was giving in. "Please don't, just please." Trying my best, I was starting o climb up.
I jump down from the tree right into a snare. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" I scream.
Cali walks out of the bushes, tailing behind Raven.
"Well, lookie here. What'da think he is? Dominion? Mobius?" She asks, then gives an evil grin and pulls out her knife in her off-hand while her other held the revolver.
"Want me to find out, Mr. Hunter?" She asks.

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