StarCore, Part 2

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As the first four vehicles explode, I increase the power out put on the blade to full and slash horizontally, cutting the remaining four in half. I then watch the enemy CORE fly away, it's joint sparking. {Well done. You know, I never did get a name.}
Crasher grunted. "This is why I don't do crippling shots."

"Life signs detected in designation Echo."

She grunted again, and locked the Core's legs. "Wipe him."

MechGirl's 250mm cannons slid out of their housings, and locked on the truncated mech. Crasher glanced at the calculations on her screen, and hit the trigger. Both cannons began pumping back in their housings, firing a barrage of shells into the mech.

Crasher watched coldly as the mech was reduced to a crater. All that remained was the useless legs that lay nearby.
I sigh. Dominion was well known for overkill, but oh well. We didn't need rogue COREs on the loose. {Well done. Can I get a name?}
Sunset has arrived at the location, and was scanning the area for hostiles and I noticed a couple of people and I launched a signal flare near them. {Are you the ones I need to work with?}
I notice the new CORE and run a scan. All I got was a pilot name, not much else. It must be a new CORE. {Affirmative Miranda. Take it you're a Raider?}
Crasher remained silent. She surveyed the battlefield through her cameras, the pain in her head reduced to a faint buzz.

"That was dangerous."

She rolled her eyes. "Your job is not to check on my health, Girl."

"Regardless, I have no desire to be picked apart by Dominion technicians. To do that, I require you to stay alive, and stay as human as possible. Your condition is advancing."

"My condition is none of your concern." Crasher snapped. "You can handle anyone who tries to contact me. I need to sleep."
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{Yes, I am a Raider and unfortunately I have to help you. Do you know the reason behind all of this?}
{Other then hitting a Protoss stronghold without so much as a number's count? Nope.}
! Alert !
CORE Pilot condition approaching critical.
Assistance required.
I jump in Fear Striker and head to the location of the critical condition pilot. I hoped it would be someone I hated.
{Talk to me, Cali. What happened?}
Cali manages to say, then goes unconscious.
{Command, we need a drop ship for Cali's CORE. Rogues ambushed her.} Command sends an affirmative and I wait, scanning the horizon for more enemies.
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This story will die if the plot is not advanced.
I need someone else to post before I get the drop ship that picks up Cali.
I drop out of the sky, touching down next to Cali's CORE.

"Sorry about being late to the party, I had a, uh, minor power core glitch."

Probably best not to mention that it got infected with a high tech computer virus that would have blown the facility to subatomic particles if I hadn't noticed.

"I'm not sure if a dropship can make it here in time, depending on here it launches from. Her injuries are pretty bad. However... I do happen to have something that might help with that."

I pull out a PDA and press a few buttons on it.

"Okay, help should be here within 45 minutes, Earth standard."

OOC: If this does end up dying, I'm probably going to use the same character for something else. Seems a shame to not reuse a character when the RP they're in dies so quickly.
{Hope you know what you're doing.} I had just scoped a long range missile out of the air about a mile out. That meant someone wanted them dead.
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