StarCore, Part 2

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Can somebody give me a quick rundown of what's going on, or should I just wait until the next mission to pop in.
Cali nods and walks away, beginning the search.
I roll my eyes. "Well, the gun at my head makes your "I'm not willing to kill you" seem a little empty, but, uh, I kind of have to ask what your plans would be for me. Note that an entire Moebius/Dominion CORE squadron is descending on this area as we speak. Oh, and there's no need for me to "find" my CORE, it's right over there." I point towards the clearing, an idea forming.
I think for a moment, then sigh. "Look, I'm fairly certain that you're here for the same reason I am, so I'm just gonna let you go and pretend we never talked. In return, I expect you to not shoot me in the back when you reach your CORE. Agreed?"
"YOU F*CKING SHOT IT!" I yell. I slap her across the face and grab her machine pistol.
OOC: What if I shot you in the head? xD

IC: I tip my head sideways, considering the offer. "Fine. I promise not to shoot you if you let me go. We can continue with our equally vague and badly defined missions of looking at an energy thingy of some kind."
I start walking past the Mobius pilot. "Vague and poorly defined are understatements." I vanish into the trees, watching for traps as I'd heard the yell echo through the forest from the Raiders girl.
I enter the forest and attempt to contact the team using my radio headset, having rubbed my sword in soot to prevent shining from the sun and my pistol had already been spray painted matte black. I spot someone trapped in a net, surrounded by raiders, though I couldn't make out the faction. The trapped person revealed to be a woman, and her uniform made it clear she was mobeius. She's pointing an MP at a clearly angered man. He slaps her across the face and attempts to tear the weapon out of her hands. I raise my guass rifle and fire a round at his face, the only unarmored part of his body, and he releases a bloodcurdling scream as his eye is rended by the steel-tipped bullet. Lucky basterd. If it had been a real spike the man would have been dead. As he was, he was still bleeding badly and in extreme pain, so he was clearly out of the fight. I charge in, drawing my blade as I did so.

"Alright, you barbarians! Who's next!?" I scream in challange at the group, almost in melee combat.
Ummmm....Jake, you would have landed near Owl, meaning you don't know SF and CR are arguing.
OOC: What, suddenly there's a strict map where people are in this forest? Unlike you, the GM, I might not nessissarily have a map that shows where eveyrthing is, so I have no idea where one guy is in the forest and another. I just know we're in a forest, that's it.

Also last post for the night.
Not a strict map, but ideally we'd all land by our teammates and SF and CR are towards the deeper part of the forest anyways.
All we know so far is that I landed in a clearing in the forest, the trees are tall, there are a lot of trees, and there are tons of bushes and such. I don't honestly know where Jake would have come in, remember than I came in by air to an area that isn't really accessible by COREs without good flight capabilities. So in other words, Jake (and the rest of the Dominion/Moebius COREs should be here now as well, seeing as Jake's mech, being Dominion is slower) probably came across the flattest ground route, but I came in by a way nobody else really can (unless someone else has advanced flight capabilities).

edit: Also last post for the night.
Technically I do, but I stayed with my team XD. Well still, it wouldn't be the first thing Jake saw.

I got the second leg attached.

Only two WHOLE arms left.
We were still hanging up from the tree. "Ouch, but maybe we should you know forget about this and RUN LIKE HELL!" I reached for my Butterfly Knife and I started to cut the rope. The rope was thick and it was taking some time.
Seriously, can somebody tell me what's been happening so that I can jump in?
"If you attack me you will be the one to find yourself pinned against a tree." I say.

"Just have a mech near the edge of the forest and walk through the forest, looking for an energy signature."
(I'm going to assume that was for me Shadow. Could you tell me who all is with the Dominion?)
Let me check the first part, Thundercrash. I know Jake and Owl are.
Crasher sighed as she finally got contacts on her scanner. "Crasher, reporting in. Sorry for being late, had a bit of programming trouble."

She smiled. They probably had no idea what she meant by that. Nor did she ever have any intention of telling them.

The four-legged MechGirl plodded to where the other mech's had been left. Mission intel had been somewhat vague as to what they were supposed to be looking for, but if the chatter coming over the comm was any indication, then the Dominion weren't the only ones looking for it.

Sighing again, she pulled her standard issue pistol from a panel and clipped the holster to her belt. Her knife never left her hip. "Identify your locations, I'll come to you." She clicked her off for a few seconds. "MechGirl, lock down once I'm out and keep quiet. I'd rather not have to crash another AI just to function optimally."

A musical voice emitted from her headset. "Of course, Crasher. Beginning lock down protocol."

She slipped out of the hatch and dropped to one of the legs, which was now firmly planted in the ground, then lightly jumped to the cold earth. her waist length hair swishing around her. The night was cold, chilling her skin through her thin clothing, but she hardly noticed anymore. Activating the thermal imaging on her custom shades, she smiled as the many shapes of the woods sprang into focus, colored various shades of blue.

"Now, who wants to die today." She whispered to herself as she began her walk.

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