StarCore, Part 2

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I had activated the magnetics view on my visor some time ago, seeing as in a forest, metal would stand out. I continued through the undergrowth, watching for the blue metallic out lines of weaponry, but mostly hoping that whatever we were looking for was made of some kind of metal.
Crasher paused as several warm bodies appeared in the distance, showing up bright orange amid the general blue. Crouching, she pulled her handgun from it's holster, sighting at one of them that had split off from the group. Quietly, she spoke into her mike.

"Contact." She smiled coldly. "Hello there. And who might you be." she whispered.

(Zarkun, what is the name of Jake's character?)
Mark. Sorry, took me a minute.
(Ah. Thank you. Feel free to interact with Crasher as you like. Be aware that you will need to give her a good reason not to kill you on sight.)
"Found anything of usefulness, guys?"

I start walking towards where they left their COREs. I start the radar to check for any hostiles. After a minute or two, unfamiliar dots started to appear when I gave time for the radar to update.

"Werner, did Command send back up?"

"Negative. I suggest you find the others so don't have to meet some unappreciated guests."

I stop the core, turning it into the direction towards the energy spot.

"We have unidentified signatures. Could be large rocks, but I would hurry it up. I don't want to drag empty COREs back."
(Nait, who's your character affiliated with?)
I walk back to the Winter's Reach, still rather amazed that the Raider pilot hadn't shot me on sight. I get into the cockpit and lift off before clicking back on my radio.

"Emberlight here, this area is... free of hostiles. I'm currently in flight roughly above the energy signature, going to see what I can from the treetops."

I hear a new voice over the radio asking for our locations. "Wait, who are you? New arrival?" I ask as I land gently in the crown of a tree near the objective location.

edit: OOC: He's with Moebius as well.
Crasher rolled her eyes. "Finally someone answers. Crasher here, piloting CORE [b]MechGirl[b/]. Had some technical difficulties with the fire control system. Fixed now."

With a couple of blinks, she pulled up a map on the HUD screens in her shades. "Location locked, I'll be there in a few minutes. Intel wasn't clear on the objective. Please update."

She glanced at the moving body as it continued away from her. "Another time."

Turning, she holstered her weapon and moved in Cassandra's direction.
"Ugh, I haven't got the faintest idea of what we're supposed to be doing either. Closest I can tell, there's something emitting energy n the forest, and we have to do some undefined action to it, and before anyone else. Capture it, find it, take it back to base, figure out what it is, take your pick."

I fire my Disintegrator Beam at the canopy below me, the leaves it hits disintegrating into a cloud of what appear to be ashes. I drop into the hole and descend into the tree, disintegrating more branches and leaves every now and then when I need to get lower.
Noticing the sudden addition of falling debris, I look up and spot the CORE descending a tree, the same one I'd had pointed out before by it's pilot. Moving quickly, I find I'm standing on top of the energy signature, with nothing in site. "The hell..." Opening a general channel, I say, {Attention all factions, there's nothing here. Our individual Commands wasted our time and our talents. Thought I'd let you know.} I start walking away when I hear a twig snap. I lunge to the side, barely avoiding a home made spear. "Who in the world..." I roll and come up, my machine pistols aimed at the brush.
I fail at cutting the rope and the knife drops down. "And you are so lucky that we are trapped up here."
"How so?"
I show him by trying to reach him with my hands. "I could snap your neck but I can't right now."
"I could hurt you right now with my mind. And probably free myself if I devoted the time and energy."
Crasher narrowed her eyes as she entered the newly made clearing. As the simian CORE descended, she observed the two heat signatures across the clearing, both of which appeared to be human and armed.

"Be advised, we seem to have unexpected company."

Crasher didn't like it when other people were armed. To her frame of mind, armed meant they were a threat, and threats were to be eliminated.

Unfortunately, her new commanding officer had reminded her just before leaving that the Dominion didn't like it when it's military killed people for no reason. Publicly because it didn't make them look good, privately because the Dominion preferred to learn why a person should be killed before giving a reason/order. So she sighed, brushed her hair out of her eyes, sighted, and fired two shoulder shots at both targets.

Unfortunately, both targets moved, one apparently attacking the other with a spear, while the other rolled away and came up with two guns. The one with the spear moved to the side just enough that both bullets hit it in the chest and shoulder, as opposed to two different shoulder shots. The second target with the guns whirled in her direction, each gun aimed at a different target.

Crasher growled. "Great. Cassandra, mind providing some backup. Things are escalating, and one target is either dead or about to die." She moved forward, keeping her pistol trained on the unharmed target.

"So, now is where you explain why I shouldn't put a bullet between your eyes."
OOC: Have to go for dinner, back in maybe 2 hours.
Ummmm...Thunder, I haven't fired any shots, haven't even seen the other guy yet.
(No, but Crasher did. You did react to the spear, and Crasher is using thermal imaging, so she can see both you and the other guy. She is more of the 'shoot first, ask questions later' school of thought. I did say she was ruthless.)
Oh, you fired the shoots. That makes sense.

IC: I glance around with the magnetics, spotting the woman with a pistol. "Frak." I lunge to the side, instinctively firing off a burst as I seek cover behind a rock.
Crasher rolled to the side as her chosen target fired at her. Spying a foot just outside a rock, she fired again and sprinted towards it.

"Thank you for giving me a reason to kill you."

Reaching over the rock, she grabbed what felt like an arm and squeezed. She was somewhat satisfied to hear a cry of pain as her mech arm exerted considerable force.

"Now, drop the weapons, and answer my question."

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