StarCore, Part 2

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"Fat chance." I put my other pistol to the arm and fire, the bullets chewing through the arms, allowing me to roll back. Holstering my pistols, I draw my katanas. "Now, why'd you fire on me?"
The branch on the tree started to snap, we were still hanging from the rope. "This isn't good."
Crasher grunted as feedback shot up the biological part of her arm. Gritting her teeth, she fired into the person's leg.

"I typically find that my enemies are better off dead. They cause less trouble that way. But I have been told that I should make sure to find why they need to die as opposed to killing them out right."

Drawing her knife, she flipped it into a reverse grip. "Now, tell me why I shouldn't kill you."
I was glad I'd put some light metal he'd come across in the leather. Made wounds less likely, though that squeeze had hurt. The bullet defleccted off my leg and I slid into a ready stance. "Look, I'm not here for trouble out side of a CORE, it's why I let your buddy live, but I'm also not gonna explain myself to a psycho. Now, why'd you fire on me?"
The tree started to snap next. "Please don't please." The tree snapped completely and fell over and hit another tree, knocking that one down also. Birds started to fly away from the tree, making noise.
Crasher simply watched him. "I call it being expedient. And I don't like repeating myself."

She did find it interesting that the bullet had deflected, so she shifted her aim to the target's head.

(Gotta go, supper. Back in a few minutes.)
"You're pushing it girly." I shift slowly out of the weapons accurate range. "Now, step aside, and I'll forget we talked. Killing a pilot was never my thing back on Earth."
09/06/2012 06:59 PMPosted by Zarkun
"You're pushing it girly." I shift slowly out of the weapons accurate range. "Now, step aside, and I'll forget we talked. Killing a pilot was never my thing back on Earth."

You are holding swords...

And trying to leave the accurate range of a gun... Being held by a robotic arm.

Good luck running 300 yards before she shoots you.
For once, Crasher pulled her shades off, revealing cold, calculating amber eyes. These were eyes that simply didn't care, possessing a chilling quality that intimidated even the hardest soldier.

"You are mistaken if you think that I leave people alive. I can very quickly rectify that, but I don't think you'll enjoy that. Now, for that last time, explain why I shouldn't kill you."
As I fall on my head I take the chance to destroy the ropes with my gun. I run off, a rope trailing behind my by my leg like toilet paper.
I shake my head. "You're persistent, but I don't need to give you a reason other then I'm leaving. My mission is complete, so move."
I searched my sides and I noticed that he took my gun. "OH HELL NO!" I started to chase after him.
I see Raven and some random woman. I throw the machine pistol at her to get her attention. "Hi."
Hank looks at the two through his sniper rifle.

Not a Mech rifle, but a ghost's canister rifle. He had stolen it at the same time as the cloaking device he was using to keep himself hidden.

This won't do... We need to set the foundations for these groups to work together. The calculating one and the elite are a good place to start.

***Please hold for the intervention zarkun & Thundercrash.
Crasher barely glanced at the new arrivals. With barely a second glance, she turned and shot the one in front, sending two bullets burrowing into his shoulders.

"I don't take orders well." She regarded the katana's coldly. "If you cannot give me a reason to keep you alive," she aimed at the swordsman's head again, "Then I have no incentive to keep this conversation going."
----Note my character is hundreds of yards away and invisible---

The first round catches the lady's already damaged arm, spinning her around.

The second pings off the metal reinforced armor of (zarkun's) leg.

The third hits a tree next to the guy who came charging in.

Now they might start working together to find who is trying to kill them all at once, but this can still go wrong.

*Exit stage left*
OOC: To clarify, I'm not climbing down, I'm descending on jump jets and disintegrating the branches in the way. My legs are barely capable of climbing, for that matter.

IC: Recognizing the pilot fighting Crasher as the one who let me go, I decide to try to return the favor.

"Crasher, don't kill him. If you find some random person near the objective, you don't just shoot them. Just stay there and wait for me, if they're helping to fight some of the more definite enemies like the Spectres, we should at east try to get them to agree to a cease fire. If you kill him, the chances of actually getting them to stop shooting us are rather slim, and I don't know about you, but I don't fancy having a squadron of Raider COREs after us."

edit: Ninja'd. Ah well, say that this happened just before Zanon's post.
"Ummm, hi person who shot at me, and ow. Why'd you shoot me?"
I whip around, sheathing my katanas and drawing my mp's again. "The hell? Like a spear from no where wasn't bad enough."
09/06/2012 07:24 PMPosted by ShadowFury
"Ummm, hi person who shot at me, and ow. Why'd you shoot me?"

09/06/2012 07:21 PMPosted by Zanon
my character is hundreds of yards away and invisible


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