StarCore, Part 2

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Crasher hissed in pain as fresh feedback shot up her arm. The bullet had packed considerable power, and nearly tore her forearm in half. Her grip on her pistol failed, and the weapon dropped to the ground. Crouching, she reached for the gun with with living hand when she heard footsteps.

She glanced up to see one of the metal blades hovering above her head.

"Funny how tables turn, right?" She gritted her teeth. "You going to finish this or not."
"He was nearly shot. He thought maybe a concealed person was nearby. So he just said hi. H doesn't know where you are."
Zanon, SF is talking to Thunder.

Also, Thundercrash:
"I told you, I don't kill enemy pilots. Right now though, I think we can agree that finding our shooter is better." I was sweeping the bushes, the magnetics helping me to find any metal.
I open a private channel to the Raider pilot. "Did somebody just shoot at you guys? All of you?"
Gritting her teeth again, Crasher slid her shades back on, then slashed one of the edges of her knife across the swordsman's hand, leaving a shallow cut. She smiled sweetly as he jerked his hand away, though the sweetness didn't quite carry.

"For shooting my arm."
{That's an affirmative, but magnetics aren't seeing anything. Makes me wonder if he's already gone. None the less, I'm kinda sick of shooting everyone who isn't Spectre/Umoja.} I rub my hand and keep looking through the bushes for our sniper. "You had a gun pointed at my head, I'm supposed to be nice?"
Crasher shrugged. "I wasn't expecting nice, but it's going to take me hours to get this fixed. Don't bother looking, he's already gone. He obviously had no interest in killing us, otherwise we'd already be dead." She turned to the newcomer that she had shot.

"As for you, I have half a mind to finish you, but my aim isn't quite as good with my other hand."
I sigh, the magnetics having confirmed what I already knew. "You'd be stupid to with me right here. But like I told your friend earlier, I'm sick of shooting everyone who isn't Spectre/Umoja, though I'm actually from Earth myself."
"Well considering that you spared me, I figure I owe you a favor. That, and one of my allies also got shot. I'll help with this "invisible sniper"."

I activate my jump jets, flying above the canopy towards the direction that the bullets came from.
A sniper round impacts your jet, causing a stall. (think fast)
Someone must not want to be found.
Crasher holstered her gun and tapped her mike. "Girl, prep for leaving. Seems we got sent on a wild goose chase." She glanced at her companions. "And things don't seem to be going well here."
One of my lets suddenly stalls out, and I hear a loud plinking sound of a bullet impact.
As I touch down in the crown of a tree, I calculate the angles.

Since my legs protect the jump jets from most fire, the hostile wouldn't be from there, so either under me or in an angle between my legs... but the angle would be almost impossible to shoot, so...

Ah, sniper found.

I begin firing my Point Defense Laser at the treetops after descending, cutting off branches and causing leaves to fall everywhere.

That ought to eventually reveal the cloaked sniper.
Knew this was a mistake. The idiot is too smart for his own good.

I shoot him once in the chest, puncturing a lung.
He won't be looking for anything other than a medic now. At least if he is smart.

A couple of leaves fall on me and I brush them off.
Time to get back to Clank.
{Command. Forces united. We'll see how long it lasts.}

I dash off invisibly and silently.
Who got shot?
09/06/2012 09:05 PMPosted by Zarkun
Who got shot?
That's what I was trying to figure out too...

I had thought it was me, but I'm in my CORE, so... ?

edit: Good night.
"Guys, it would be nice if you would tell me what the hell is going on."

I patrolled outside the forest as I tried waiting for them to return. I then stopped, realizing they weren't going to ever find that signature.

I mutter to myself as I got out of the Kaigara.

"If you want something done, you've gotta do it yourself."

The bottom of my shoes hit the ground with a soft thud as I jumped out of the CORE. I then started to head to the direction of the signature.
I then realized something, he was to busy with going back to his buddies. I smiled and I ran to the direction to the energy, making sure to be light on my feet.
"The energy is where Zarkun, and Thunder, and Owl are...."

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