StarCore, Part 2

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But then I walked right into one of the people and we both fell down. "Again, I wasn't expecting all of this."
"Hi. b!tch." I say, squeezing my eyes shut and waving my hand.
My sleeves were all ripped and they showed the arms, they were both fakes. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't do anything to you?"
The Raider finds both Spitfires even with her precious arms. "Cause I'll do to them what I did to hers." I point at Crasher's robotic arm. "Now, lets all calm down and figure this out, cause I'm quite sure you're sick of the Raiders getting their butts kicked."
Crasher snorted. "As if."
I glare at the one with the sunglasses. "Look, I know you're not with the Raiders, Mobius girl. But we've been kicking the Raiders buts to Korhal and back, and I'm sick of shooting everyone who isn't with my employers."
I snatched my MP back from the Spectre that was trapped with me earlier and put it back on my vest. "Felt like I was forgetting something that a certain person stole."
Crasher glared back at him. "Dominion, not Mobius. I may not wear the uniform, but I always remember what side I'm on. So don't expect me to be cordial with them." She jerked her head at the Raider.

A musical voice sounded in her ear. "Systems ready. I will remain in lock down until your return."

She nodded. "Understood." An idea suddenly occurred to her, and she looked at the ground suspiciously.

"Where exactly is the energy signature located?" She raised her shaded eyes to the swordsman.
I shake my head, already knowing what she was thinking. I'd thought the same thing. "There's nothing there. Whole thing is a sham. My magnetics go all the way to over 300 feet down when I need them to, and there's nothing down there. I already had that thought thinking it might be deeper, but that doesn't make sense."
She sighed. "And why doesn't it?"
"Well first off, the ease with which this signature was detected. You'd think that whoever it belonged to would be trying to hide it. Second, the fact that that sniper only tried to grab our attention instead of killing us. I feel like this was a set up."
"How come he or she hasn't tried to shoot me yet?"
"You just got here. Me and here," I point at Crasher, "were having a....discussion when it happened."
Crasher scanned the trees. "In which case whoever is setting us up wanted us to be in this specific location and used the signature as bait." Her eyes narrowed. "But what for."

Again, MechGirl's voice sounded in her ear. "Given that there has been no overt attack on any of you, perhaps this was supposed to be a meeting."

She growled. "No overt attack? A sniper nearly shot my arm in half!"

MechGirl sighed. "And as you mentioned earlier, if the sniper had wanted to kill you, they would already have done so."
"I'm still trying to figure out where that spear came from, but I mean, the only thing I can think of is the pilots were all the only ones who could see the sense of working together. I know my employers don't care, long as they get payed, but Umoja...They'll take some work."
"I almost fell into a pitfall, I got trapped with that sack of !@#$ over there by a snare trap and so on."
Crasher sighed. "Then you didn't see what I saw." She pushed herself up from the ground, wincing slightly as a spark popped from her broken arm. "Fekk." She muttered to herself.

Striding over to the edge of the clearing, she reactivated the thermal filters in her shades, and with her living hand dragged the cooling body of the spear holder from the undergrowth. "He was the one who tried to gut you with the spear."

She examined the weapon closely. "Handmade, crude."
I walk over and, just cause I didn't appreciate the attempt, put a round in the head, ensuring that he was dead. "@!@# hole. So, what ya'll think of working together?"
Crasher sighed. "Congratulations, you just wasted ammunition. When I kill people, they stay dead. Makes life easier for me." She tapped her comm unit. "Girl, unlock and get over here." She glanced around at the group. "Seems we have somebody who has it in for all of us."
I look around. "Alright my team, lets get back to our COREs. This is somewhat worrisome."

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