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In a peaceful town in the Koprulu sector asteroid belt, a political uprising is on the verge of happening.
After new regulations on the town people, and the increase of taxes, the towns population was getting more and more unruly. The Umojan protectorate was using the money for the taxes for the conscription and production of soldiers and weaponry for the war against the Zerg. A chunk of the money mysteriously vanishes every year...
However, there are people that dislike the Umojan protectorate and believe they can do a better job in ruling the Asteroid belt. A group called the resistance was formed to destroy the Protecterate, and drive them out of the town.
Meanwhile, a group of covert units called the Shadow guards was formed by the protectorate for the purpose of attempting to eliminate the Resistance, through dialogue or violence.
The small town of Alias was going to undergo a huge change...

Town center- An open area in the heart of the metropolis. It connects to several roads. Occasionally busy, sometimes empty.

Coffee shop- A small restaurant hidden in a quiet corner of town. A series of tables in the back are sheltered, and far away from most prying ears.

Shopping mall-A group of stores off of Second street. Often crowded, the cover of the crowd can help a person dodge a pursuer, and can mask some conversations, as well as foiling bugs.

Residential areas- a set of houses, owned by the citizens. A lone city security camera that rotates like clockwork keeps an eye on the area.

Turnabout alley-An alleyway connected to the protectorate avenue. Dark narrow and winding. Also a shortcut to The residential areas. Watch out for muggers!
Connects to three secret tunnels

Second street- A normal street. There is the occasional peddler, and streetear.

Protectorate avenue- A well maintained, solid concrete street. The occasional pedestrian walks along this path. It is brightly lit during the night, so in this area, no debuffs for darkness will take place.

The capital building-the place where the governing body controls the city. Only Shadowguards, and certain people are allowed access. Outsiders can only see a massive stone wall.

The highway- Its a highway. What do you expect?

The old construction site- A half finished construction area that was never finished. A group of potential allies, and a few gangs, wander around here. The skeleton of the half finished building looks over a grassy area covered with weeds.

The sewer system.-A sewer system going under the majority of the city. Its snaking passageways are incredibly difficult to navigate.
Rats, sewage workers, and even the occasional crocodile and feral animal wander the sewage system.
An extensive security network is in place under the capital.

This RP will be formed by characters from both the resistance, and the Protectorate Shadow guards. Actions must be logical, and follow the information given to that character. EG if a member of the resistance is given the location of the secret base, then A shadowguard can't simply decide to investigate that area. You will have to keep in mind what your character knows, and what he doesn't know. After successful missions, that will occasionally be given out in both of the Resistance's and Shadowguards Secret bases, upgrades will be given out to the participants. There will be a day night cycle. Your characters must sleep every now and then. During the night hours, all characters, except the ones with certain skills, will lose part of their sight range, and navigation skills(Running through alleyways, ect)

(Exchange of information) Eavesdropping, and wiretapping can be used by both the Shadowguards, and the Resistance. Be aware of your surroundings! Speaking directly to a known member of the resistance in front of a shadowguard is suicide.
The use of moles, Assassination, theft of secret documents, and double agents is permitted and encouraged.

I, as the DM, will decide if an action is out of line. For example, walking into a room for no apparent reason just after a mole posts he is in the room stealing papers is out of line. Make sure your character has a reason when visiting certain areas! Set up appointments, Form alliances and arrange meetings. Be creative. If I am not here, after observing the actions of the RPers, I will set up a chain of command, that if I am missing, the next in. Line will temporarily become the new DM.
Characters can and will die in this RP. Just a heads up.
The Resistance-
This band of men and women fight in order to drive out the Protectorate. Every member of the resistance can eavesdrop on conversations to gather information. Playing as the resistance means having worse equipment, but not having to worry about finding the Shadowguards(although it would be helpful). All they have to do is strike against the protectorate, and avoid capture. The resistance also have the advantage of knowledge of the town's multiple alleyways, and use it for a quick escape route, however this advantage will go away over time, as the Shadowguards will learn to navigate the alleyways.
Resistance classes-

Scout- These fast units are the lookouts, and the information gatherers of the resistance. These units often go undercover to plant bugs, and follow officials of the protectorate. They often work with the sharpshooters in order to stage assassinations.
Weaponry-Hidden knife- range 1
Small handgun.
Default skills- (Plant Bug) plant a listening device onto a target to gather information in a certain location.
(Plant tracking device) Plant a tracking device onto a vehicle or a person. However you must distract the person before planting the device.
(Speed vehicle) the scout can pilot any light, fast vehicle. (Vultures, ect)
(Com link)Can connect to and send messages to one individual with the comlink skill. Messages can be hacked.
(Leg booster) Once every five pages, the Scout gains the ability to jump extraordinary distances.
Unique skills(Choose one!)
(Smokescreen) Drop a smoke screen to cover a retreat or to cover an area from sniper fire.
(Reflex) increase one's combat reflexes to Obtain a 20% dodge rate.
(Instinct) gets an uneasy feeling when interacting with a member of the Shadowguards. Will not merit an investigation, but can make a Scout want to plant a tracking device.

Information hunter.
These units are the people that destroy the information that the Shadowguards are gathering. With the skills to detect, disarm, and destroy bugs, as well as the ability to hack into and wiretap information being transmitted, these units are necessary for hamstringing investigation efforts. Some information hunters can use disguises in order to provide an alibi for Snipers, if a Shadowguard starts to notice that the sniper is missing, or has no alibi during several assassinations.Occasionally, information hunters do have limited psionic powers.
Weapons are selected by the players
Default skills
(Com-link)- can connect with one other person with the comlink skill.
(Bug scanner)-use a resistance made, rudimentary device in order to scan for bugs, and tracking devices. However, the machine looks suspicious. Be careful when using the bug scanner.
(Hack) uses a computer to hack into the Shadow guards network, to gather or destroy information. This skill doesn't always work, and the effects of the hacking is decided by the DM. Hacking can lead to the hacker being traced, so it isn't always the best idea.
(Pattern recognition)- notice a face, shadow, or car that has appeared consistently over a period of time. Use this skill to determine if you are being followed.
Escape route- Have a perfect knowledge of the town's layout.
unique skills(Choose one)
Disguise- disguise yourself as another member of the resistance or as a shadowguard. However, keep in mind this will attract suspicion if someone reports seeing the disguised person far away from the actual person.
(Repair)- repair a vehicle, weapon, or bunker.
(One psionic ability) select a psionic ability. If it is approved, then the information hunter gains it.

Snipers are the gunmen of the resistance using high powered sniper rifles, and semi automatic pistols to eliminate targets from a long distance. However, an observant person can determine the direction of the shot.
Being a sniper means communication with the people at the front line, and often work well in conjunction with scouts.
As Snipers have a sight range of 8, (9-10 if on a roof) another unit, will relay information to the sniper in order for them to shoot their maximum range.
Eg, Scout sends data to information Hunter, who then precisely determines to place to shoot, who sends data to the sniper.
Mark-4 sniper rifle- Range-13
Default skills.
(Snipe)- The sniper has a 100% kill rate on an unsuspecting target. However, all Shadowguards automatically have a suspicion of getting shot at. This skill is primarily used in assassinating politicians, and silencing resistance members that were captured.
(Covering fire)-use a unique sniper rifle bullet that splits into several smaller bullets to do light AOE damage.
Stun grenade- throw a small grenade that is designed to disorient, and blind enemy units. Set a tripwire, to create a trap.
Memory- Memorize facial features, such as eye color, widows peak, and physical traits, from a single glance.
Unique skills. choose one
(Vanish)-hide oneself in the shadows. Unless someone is directly looking for the sniper, the sniper will not be seen. IE(Use it for getting into position)
(Timebomb)- plant a Timebomb to distract people from your area, or to disrupt movement from the enemy if you time it right. Although it is non-lethal, it will seriously main anyone in the blast radius.Set it using a post system.(bomb is going off in 10 posts)
Posters must act as if they had never seen the threat.

These units are the handymen, and the machine experts of the Resistance. Building combat droids, and sabotaging enemy bases are the joys of the life of the mechanic. From mech walker suits, to precision weapons, the Mechanic is the unit with the most firepower in the resistance. However, the mech walker is not very inconspicuous, and attracts a lot of attention. This is horrible in sensitive situations. Their skills at piloting however allow them to be great drivers of getaway vehicles.
Default skills
-Mech prototype.
Summons a pilot-able humanoid robot. Weapons to equip this robot can be upgraded. The default robot has an auto turret attached to its shoulder.
Repair any mechanical unit.
-Pilot mastery.
Can pilot any vehicle, given 5 minutes to study it.
-Sabotage- Plant a bomb, or trap that can either incapitate someone using electricity, or a trap that will explode crippling a vehicle.
Can communicate wirelessly
Unique skills.
Lockdown- Remotely lockdown a mechanical device for up to five minutes.
Keycard- create a fake key card to enter sensitive areas. Will not open doors to high security areas
Greater comlink- communicate with up to five members of the resistance using the comlink. Through the user of greater comlink, units using comlink can interact online. However, if the user of greater comlink gets taken out, then the connection is lost.

The wildcard.
These units are the craziest units in the resistance. Having a combination of the wackiest and strangest skills, the wildcard can fulfill several roles.
Default skills
???-randomly chosen.
???- random skill
???- random skill.
Unique skills-Choose two
Vanish- hide in the darkness, and move unseen. However people can hear and smell you. Cannot be used during the day.
Teleport-Move forward, upwards, sideways or downwards a 10 meters. Cooldown of one minute.
The next action of the affected target will fail, or be hindered in some way.
The Shadowguards... The shadowguards exist to hunt down and destroy the resistance,

Night walker-
These Shadowguards hide in the darkness with night vision goggles, and watch the streets for suspicious activity.
During the day, they walk the streets wearing normal clothing over a nano suit that drastically increases their physical capabilities. Moving as fast as a Resistance scout, they are the hunters of the agents of the resistance.
Weapons- Any weapon with approval.
Passive skills-
The night walker is physically stronger than most units.
Darksight- the Nightwalker suffers no problems from darkness, any unit without this upgrade will be debuffed in the night.
Vanish-disappear from sight by walking in the shadows, can be used in any place with poor lighting. You can still be heard.
Path of the void- increase speed, and weapon attack during the night.

unique skills-
Plant bug-Place a listening device in any location.
Uneasy feeling- Gain the ability to feel slightly wary when being followed, or when a bug is in the area.
Vehicle mastery-gain the ability to pilot any human vehicle.

These units sport psionically charged melee weapons, however, their high skill and finesse allow them to wield guns to a lesser degree. Fast moving, and lightly armored, the blademasters can eliminate targets faster than any other.
Weapons- Psi edge(A metal sword/Melee weapon with a psionic edge running alongside one side of the weapon)
Passive skills.
Hawkeyes- instantly trace a bullet/projectile back to its origin as long as it it within 9 range of the Blademaster
Reflex-During combat, the Blademaster's adrenaline allows him or her to react to attacks much faster than an ordinary human.
Plant explosive- Plant a breaching charge, or a pressure based landmine.
Comlink- Connect wirelessly to another unit with comlink.
Location memory- the blademaster can memorize and recall all events, that occurred in a certain area. This includes the people there, if he knows their name, the time, if there is a clock, and anything that happened.

Unique skills-choose one
Armor slayer- Deal more damage to vehicles, or buildings.
Lethal instinct-Deal more damage to infantry units.
Undying will-After an hour of being dead, remotely activated drugs will cause the blade master's heart, lungs, and other organs to begin to function again.

The information gatherers, and the hackers of the Shadowguards, Phantoms are the units that make things happen. Tricky and nimble, they are also effective somewhat on the battlefield.
Weapons are chosen by the player, but must fit the character and be approved.
Default skills-
Videocamera- plant a device that can secretly take up to one day, or one night of video, and three days of audio.
Pickpocket-Quickly, and stealthily steal an item, from a passerby or target.
Advanced Disguise-Disguise oneself as anyone. The phantom can copy the voice, habits(If they know of them), face, and body of anyone they met before, or have an accurate description of. When the phantom meets someone face to face, the disguise is flawless. However, in the case of a description, small mistakes are visible, but overlooked.
Nimble feet- Can traverse terrain, impossible, or difficult to traverse for normal people. (wet, and slippery Pipelines, ruined buildings, ect)
Charm-Love is one of the strongest emotions. It can also trick people into giving away information, or even changing sides....(Can only be used on the opposite gender. This has to be PG. Interpret this skill as you will)
Unique skills
Luck of the phantom-Once per thread, a ridiculous amount of luck on one improbable action(A mine not going off, missing a tripwire) or one activity(Playing cards), on request, will be given.
Advanced comlink- Allows the phantom to connect to five units using comlink, and transmit information.
Psiboost -Increase speed, and reflexes for a short period of time.

The tricky
Well... These are the special units of the shadowguards, they utilize skills that are definitely unique. Cunning, confusing, and mysterious, the trickies are the wildcards of the shadowguards.
Equipment-playing cards, other weapons selected by the player
Psion- Gain the ability to slip through walls. Can teleport to any shadowguard within a range of 7.

Custom classes, must be approved.
The Resistance
Resistance commander
Weapons- Mark 4 sniper rifle. Handgun
AbIilites-Snipe, covering fire, comlink,Stun grenade, memory,vanish. Emblem of the commander.
Torvus Sorven
Unit: Wild Card
Equipment: Throwing knives, Hidden Blades (Think Assassin's Creed), revolver, longsword
Abilites- Abilities: Counter, Hallucinate, The cheat, Teleport,
The Raven, no one knows his real name.
Information Hunter
equipment-Silenced Handgun and Butterfly Knife.
Abilites- Disguise, Comlink, Hack, bug scanner
Name: Morgan Davidson
Gender: Male
Unit: Mechanic
Equipment: A swiss army knife, and a small sub machine gun. Also a wrench.
Abilities: Mech prototype, Repair, Pilot Mastery, Com Link, Lockdown, Key Card, Greater Com Link.
The Shadowguards
Shadowguard commander-
Weapons-(Broken katana)psiedge.
Abilities-hawkeyes, Reflex, Location memory,Plant explosive, Comlink, Armorslayer.
Emblem of the commander(Unique skill for commanders... Will later be revealed)
Name: Unknown. Goes by "Timbre."
Weapons: Taser, "Viper" mini-gauss gun.
Abilites- Videocamera, pickpocket, charm, Advanced comlink, Nimble feet
Name: Hugo Donovan
Faction:Shadow Gaurds
Class: Night walker
Weapons: One Hand Gun and two concealable daggers (pending approval)
Other:Nanosuit, night vision goggles, vanish (can still be heard)
Ability: Uneasy Feeling
Markus the Wise
Luke bishop.
Class Phantom
Weapons-Dual handguns
Abilities-pickpocket, Charm, video camera, Nimble feet
If I join this, I definitely have to wait until after School.
09/03/2012 06:38 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
If I join this, I definitely have to wait until after School.

Well, I can't post very often anyways. That will probably work out.
Name: Morgan Davidson
Gender: Male
Appearance: A muscular build, brown hair, green eyes, often dirty from working in a garage.
Unit: Mechanic (I do love my machines.)
Equipment: A swiss army knife, and a small sub machine gun. Also a wrench.
Abilities: Mech prototype, Repair, Pilot Mastery, Com Link, Lockdown, Key Card, Greater Com Link.
Maybe give a melee unit to the Resistance.
I think I want to be a phantom. That was a long read though :(

Can You post a character sheet?
Commanders of the resistance and Shadowguards.
Shadowguard commander-
Male-Roughly 20 years old.
Brown hair and eyes-No widows peak-Lightly tanned-Medium length hair. Small scar under his jaw.
Weapons-(Broken katana)psiedge.
Abilities-hawkeyes, Reflex, Location memory,Plant explosive, Comlink, Armorslayer.
Emblem of the commander(Unique skill for commanders)

Resistance commander
Female-Slightly older than Soren.
Red hair and eyes- no widow's peak, short cut hair. Wears a small white mask covering the areas around her eyes, covering up a scar alongside her left eye.
Weapons- Mark 4 sniper rifle. Handgun
AbIilites-Snipe, covering fire, comlink,Stun grenade, memory,vanish. Emblem of the commander.
09/03/2012 07:09 PMPosted by Zarkun
Maybe give a melee unit to the Resistance.

I'm not sure if melee units really fit with the resistance. Covertly assassinating people isn't really well done face to face.
Well... The wildcard's weapons will be chosen by the player. And I promise I will give abilities based on your weapon, or intent with the unit. Give me a basic idea of what role you want.
Name: Torvus Sorven

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark brown hair, tall, skinny, but muscular build, blue eyes, wears leather armor on the job and steel toed boots, t-shirts and jeans off the job. Only carries his hidden blades around town.

Unit: Wild Card

Equipment: Throwing knives, Hidden Blades (Think Assassin's Creed), revolver, longsword

Abilities: Counter, Hallucinate, The cheat, Teleport, Able to drive light vehicles

Can I have blend for an ability XD

Here's a link for my hidden blades:
Name: Unknown. Goes by "Timbre."

Weapons: Taser, "Viper" mini-gauss gun.

Unique skill: Advanced Commlink.
... You are going to get caught so fast, it's not even going to be funny. But okay!
Counter-Once attacked, immediately counter attack the opponent if they are within range

Hallucinate- Create up to two hallucinations of oneself, that cannot attack, yet still gather information, or follow targets.

The cheat- Learn to cheat all forms of tests and games. This skill includes the polygraph, and other lie detectors, mental probes, cards, and if your character is married....

Fake a priesthood-Raise a dark brown/white hood/helmet, and pretend to be a monk/circus performer/Sword nerd.(JK)
What does blend do?
I would like a physical description, and one vehicle they can drive. (Drive not own.)
Name: Unknown. Goes by "Timbre."

Weapons: Taser, "Viper" mini-gauss gun.

Unique skill: Advanced Commlink.

What faction, what class?
Fail. I forgot to list them, din't I?

Male or female? Hairline? Traits? Height? Ect ect.
I would like it if people posted them.
You've never played Assassin's Creed? Really? It lets me blend seamlessly into a crowd.
Information Hunter
The Raven, no one knows his real name.
Male-Early twenties.
Dark Brown fine cut hair, blood red eyes, lightly tanned, average build.
Silenced Handgun and Butterfly Knife.

Unique-Disguise- disguise yourself as another member of the resistance or as a shadowguard. However, keep in mind this will attract suspicion if someone reports seeing the disguised person far away from the actual person.
Ok, I will let you replace one skill with "Fake a priesthood"
Alright, when we get a few more people we will start. Or when We get a few more people and I get back.
We need more people in the Shadowguards...

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