Knights of the resistance(RP)

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Can you give a character sheet?
Use mine for a template.

Name: Hugo Donovan
Faction:Shadow Gaurds
Class: Night walker
Appearance: 6' 3", buzz cut, grey eyes, one leg mechanized form the knee down lost in in a previous skirmish, muscular (not ridiculously)
Age: 31
Weapons: One Hand Gun and two concealable daggers (pending approval)
Other:Nanosuit, night vision goggles, vanish (can still be heard)
Ability: Uneasy Feeling

As always tell me if I mucked up my CS and I'll fix it
"I just made mine."
Name: Luke Bishop
Gender: Male
Faction: Shadow Gaurds
Class: Phantom
Age: 27
Weapons: Two handguns, both concealed.
Ability: IDK, what is this pokemon?
Just pick a unique ability.
I can't wait to tase someone.
Can't wait to Assassin's Creed someone >:)
Felt a need to remind Fantasy of this.
 The sun rose over the town of Alias, shining it's golden light upon the streets, houses and parks. A three story shopping mall gleamed under its light, and wild animals looked up as sunlight streamed up at the sky at the construction site. 
Inside of the coffee shop, under neath a seemingly ordinary floor tile that connected to the sewer system was a dimly lit room. 
Standing in the center of it was a youthful  woman, with blood red hair. Her face was covered partly with a mask, but one could tell she was young. 
Blood red eyes shone from holes cut in the mask, and with a grim voice, "The protectorate is controlling and manipulating the town. The resistance will eliminate them. Whether through assassination of their officials, sabotage, or propaganda of the acts of their officers we will destroy them. Attract as little attention as possible, and gather information, it could be about anything. Ask the people wandering around about their day. Look out for suspicious activity, after that last humiliation, they will be looking for us."
She grimaced slightly, as she looked at the new recruits, hopefully, the majority of them wouldn't attract the attention of the Umojans. If they were, it was going to be ugly. The last incident was the sabotage of a war machine, causing it to fail catastrophically.... In a few days, a government official was arriving. One noted for bribery. In a few days they would schedule an assassination....
Hidden within a small room carved into the foundation of the shopping mall was the base of the Shadowguards. 
Soren, was sleeping on top of a box of uniforms and civilian clothing. As the new recruits stepped into the Shadowguards base, he woke up suddenly. 
He rubbed the back of his neck and stretched slightly. 
He said lazily "Alright, welcome to the Shadowguards. Most of you will be caught, and some of you will die. This is intelligence work, and most of you are accustomed to just running and gunning. I want to see how capable you are. Let's play a game, an investigation so to say. I will  choose one of you to put on a disguise, and hide  in the town. Try to find him.The resistance, may or may not exist, we don't know if the rebellious faction is a lone man, or an entire group. We are chasing something that we are not even sure of. This will be a piece of cake compared to what I have to do. Any questions?."
Alright, now with the progression of DMs. If I am not here, and something must be done urgently, Zarkun, Knarled, or crymsonRaven will take over. If you start going crazy, I will delete a section of the timeline and revert it back to a certain page.
(Edit gotta go.)
I nod at the Resistance leader and head back up to the coffee shop, grabbing a cup of Mochachino and sitting down, watching the flow of people. I knew that Protectorate agents could be any one of these people and was careful to remain inconspicuous.
"How come Crymson and Zarkun are always chosen?"

Morgan paced while swinging around his wrench. He couldn't think of what to do while waiting other then that.
That's what I'm trying to figure out. I think me cause DH is on it's third part.
"I'm DMing Techsuit and it's progressing nicely though...."
I don't know then. Technically you're DMing someone elses RP. Guess just ask Fantasy.
I dont have any leads, or anything. What am I suppose to do to get a lead? HALP ME FANTASY!!
Just post something for chillaxin' til tomorrow.
Luke Bishop walked into the coffee shop and ordered a mocha. He sat down, relaxed a little, and glanced around at everyone else. He liked to have 360 degree awareness of everyone. He was good at figuring people out before even meeting him. He was off duty though, so he really didn't care. As long as they weren't in the Resistance. Pff, the Resistance. They just exist in the shadows. Everyone who actually says anything against the Umojan protectorate just get beat and killed in the streets by guards.
I paced around some and then stopped. "With all regards ma'am, we probably want to be more cautious now. After that mission they might have updated their systems. And that could mean bad business for us."
She looks up and says, "of course, but as long as they don't find us, they can't kill us. A systematic search, could find us, but they would kill several civilians in the course of doing so. That would turn them against the protectorate and help out our cause. Short of doing that, any evidence they get is through casework, spying, and detection. Being cautious is the safest thing to do."
The Shadowguards emerge from the darkness, and all arrive at second street in civilian clothing.
A hodgepodge of people were bustling about.

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