Knights of the resistance(RP)

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I continue watching the man as I eat debating if I should "remove" him once he's out in the crowds. Wouldn't be hard, it's what I'm good at. I decide to ask the boss what she thought. {Hey boss, we got a possible Protectorate agent out here. Want me to confirm and remove?}
First thing, The resistance doesn't know the Shadowguards exist, they are currently warry of an investigation, but they don't know for sure.
Soren glanced behind him, the Young man he had seen earlier was stalking one of his agents.
Sub vocalizing into the comlink, "Observe someone I mark, the one sitting behind you Luke. Don't turn around suddenly, he might get suspicious.
If he doesn't do anything strange, then we will stop seeing what he does. If he goes away from the crowds, then stop following, but mark where he left. Switch the follower every few minutes, so he doesn't get suspicious."

The commander sent a message back through the comlink. "Don't, if he is someone sent to look for us, then killing him is a sign that we exist. Investigate but don't kill or capture him. This will be a battle of wits."
In responce to Raven, The coffee shop owner said "Well, a lot of punks sit here to use the Wifi. Its not really uncommon. If a paying customer arrives, and there isn't enough tables, then I will tell him to bug off, but so far, I am fine."
{Copy that.} I resume eating my breakfast, but watch him out of the corner of my eye. I'll follow him when he leaves. Or wait and see if he follows me. I think I'm going to enjoy this game.

OOC: So could I use blend? And are you going to confirm my abilities anytime soon?
Anyone can hide in a crowd!
Check the board.
That helps greatly, gracias.
I get off of the stool and I leave some money for the coffee as well as a tip. "I hope it doesn't turn out into a full out firefight if the rumors are true. Well see ya later." I walk out of the coffee shop.
The owner waves and says "Come again!"
Soren glances around, and continues to walk.
Finishing my breakfast, I leave the amount owed on the check and walk out, intending to give the man a little bit a chase in case he was following me. I double check my hidden blades once I'm in the crowds, making sure they work.
Knarled, Sixel, or Marcus should follow Cayl. If no one posts... Well this RP, is at a standstill.
My name is Torvus...
Fine. I start following.
The Information, PvP, team deathwatch RP, is probably dead. Sigh. The first thing I make that has the potential to make into a second page is a story. QQ.
I'd like to get right into the action. The whole "follow this dude" thing turned me off a little.

I want to go tase some people.
Well... This is an information RP... But in real life I would have no say in what you do. Soren may lecture you, but by all means, do it.
I see a guy focusing intently on Soren. I tap Soren on the leg...

Don't look now, but a guy's watching you. Should anyone in this crowd know you?
"The one We are looking for should be looking at us. But I doubt he is here right now. I noticed him, let's turn into the alley. A fight might be neccessary."
Soren tapped back.
Got it. Maybe I'll finally get to try out my new toy.

I separate from Soren and make my way covertly to a nearby alleyway.
Soren, doubles back, and waits a few seconds for the stranger to Follow timbre, then starts to walk towards the alley.
Now we wait on Zarkun.

Now wait, I walked out, waiting on someone else to follow me, so I'm confused now.

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