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Name: Andrew Jenkins

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Appearance: rather fat, shaved brown hair, medium brown eyes, known for being an eccentric dresser 6'2, 290 pounds



Additional skills: Nailbomb-Can create a cheap, but extremely deadly nailbomb to help in various situations.

Weapons: Gauss rifle, baseball bat.

Does this sound ok?
Why not choose from the starting skills?
Ok, I don't really care, so Nail bomb will be chosen based on a vote.
Everyone vote whether it should be aloud.
Zark, this is whats happening. Timbre thinks you are following him, as he saw You twice. Character views are important. No character knows everything.
I turned around and saw Torvus, I walked up to him in the crowd. "Hey, Torvus how's it doing." I then passed him a little note and no one could see it. "Here's that money that I owe you." On it was a sentence.

Call me Nick so no one gets suspicious.
"Thanks Nick. Glad to know you remembered." I'd noticed a guy duck into the alley, but decide against following. If it were darker, I'd climb to the roofs and check it out, but too bright. "Wanna go check out the game store in the mall?"
I had a watch on my wrist. "Yeah, I have time. I don't have to work until the night shift for tonight. They transferred me over there and I didn't ask questions."
Luke walks out of the Cafe and looks around for the suspicious people.

OOC: Im not going to lie, I am confused. Where is everyone?

EDIT: I always type whatever I want to say, post it, then go back and edit out the grammar/spelling errors and it is a really bad way of RPing :\
"Sounds like fun. I myself have today off and tomorrow as well."
It felt like me and Torvus were being followed. "So, how crowded is this game store going to be? I have never been in that section before."
"Depends on if the new Darkest Knight games been released yet." I spotted the guy following us and kept walking, mentally marking him. "I've heard it's supposed to be really good."
{Timbre, whats your status? Over}
hey guys its darkra here! i'm back. as some of you know i've been out for a very long time since well Bnet is being !@#$ty on my account. so right now i'm on my crappy labtop just to RP with you guys so be grateful bbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaattttttttcccccccchhhhhhhhhh.

Name: "The Harlequin"

Class: Trickster. works for teh gov peoples :P

- witch blade(powerful sword able to channel sionic energy)
-harlquin's kiss (a wrist mounted hidden blade that sends monomolecular wires into its victim and in short turns them to goo on the inside)
-death jester cloak (improves speed and agility)
-double arm mounted shuriken catapults
-smiling harlequin mask (does nothing)

-armored units
-takes large damage when hit

no one knows much about the Harlequin...... a powerful psyker who can use his abilities in a veriaty of situations to complete whatever job he has in mind. he is like an acrobat who sees war as part of his art, sumersaulting out of the way of bullets with grace no one can match. his "signiture" is a joker card, but instead of a face there is a smiling harlequin mask and instead of balls is juggling knives. whatever you do, if you see him, run. run like there's no tommorrow

so if you have any problems host feel free to let me know, oh and somone gimmie a summary
darkra I see that you are back and you still don't capitalize. -_-

*Cough* Warhammer why? *Cough*
Uhh... I leave this up to you guys to decide this one too. Darkra, your character is in their hands.
So everyone vote on the bomb skill, and darkra's character.
Ugh. Managing the board is a pain. Mind if someone else edited their post and did it?
If no one volunteers, I'll just do it. But right now, I am in Draconuses situation. No labtop availible. So if I do it, I have to memorize all yourskills and equipment, and edit it without copy paste.
Guys keep in mind, you don't have to listen to what the commander says.

Soren and Timbre are on second street. Raven, and Torvius are on second street too. The commander is in the base, managing details, and you are just walking into second street from the coffee shop.

Soren sent a message saying, "Put on a hat, and pull up your collar. In this crowd, it will make it hard for them to notice, and it is cold enough do you won't stick out."
I vote we allow the bomb on a strictly sabotage basis and that the character receive a huge over haul to fit into SC2. And I'll repost the board and such Fantasy.
I'm with Soren. Some guy's watching us... while his attention's on us,
I'll bet you could keep an eye on him unnoticed.

OOC: nice to see you again Darkra, disregard Crymson.
Honestly, I vote no to both.

IC: {I lost 'em}
I'm just saying, sometimes it helps to capitalize, and The Harlequin I believe it more of a warmonger than a espionage unit?
Damnit. I didn't like the look of those guys. If you spot 'em again,
lemme know.
09/11/2012 03:43 PMPosted by Zarkun
I vote we allow the bomb on a strictly sabotage basis and that the character receive a huge over haul to fit into SC2. And I'll repost the board and such Fantasy.

Thanks Zark. Ok so the vote is 1 to 1 for both.
I agree with Zarkun, except that since Jake was always allowed to use Warhammer stuff let Darkra play around a leeetle bit. Just don't go overboard like Galvian did in the Academy.

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