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I second the notion along with Zarkun.
I like how KO worded it. Mine and his combined.
kk no prob. its not like its gonna be all warhammer. its just what my character is based on :P. so ya don't worry you ain't gonna get flooded with warhammer references. can somone gimmie a summary cause i'm lazy
Dude... I'm not going to lie. You are giving a VERY bad first impression.
09/11/2012 05:37 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Dude... I'm not going to lie. You are giving a VERY bad first impression.
Not a first impression more like a another impression. darkra was here before and he slowed down when I first arrived. I joined his RP and it was my first one. -_-
Should we get started again, or should we keep this conversation going?

IC: "So which shop you work at anyways, Nick? You never did tell me."
Im sorry, does someone wanna tell me what the !@#$ is going on!? Somehow this RP doesn't make any sense to me.
You're attempting to find me and CR again.
OOC:If you want to find me, ill be in the coffee shop.
OOC: Thanks Zarkun.

IC: I quickly open my hidden HUD and examine my short-term tracker. Seeing that they were in the general vacinity of the mall, I head there.
I lead "Nick" to the back of the store flash a card at the man at the counter there, and he hits a button, opening the door and we walk through. "Alright, we should be safe here. Not even com signals can get in or out. I take it you're one of our info gatherers?"
We sat down. "Yes, if you want you can continue to call me Nick for now."
I nod. "Right. So, tell me how I can help."
Soren was dissapointed. They didn't follow them, so a trap was useless. Due to the crowded street, they lost them, all they knew was the direction they were going. Towards the mall.
Although they knew their clothing, and a general description of their face, the information they had was hardly enough for a search, and the moment they changed, the clothing would no longer matter. Soren walked into the mall, and sought out a streetear, identifiable by a white X patched on the back, or side of their shoe. Streetears often wore white shoes, so the mark wasn't as readily visible for people. The mark was only there if the streetear was doing business.
He tossed a seemingly unimportant Man, a 50 dollar bill, and gave a few gestures meaning to the streetear that the man they were looking for was wearing such and such clothing.
In responce, the man circled an area on a map of the mall, enclosing 4 stores.
Soren nodded, and walked away.
"Somewhere there... It could be a false lead, or a promising start to this invesitgation... Let's split up, to avoid suspicion."
OOC streetears, are watchers of the streets. They know the rumors, and can tell where certain people are going almost by instinct. However, they do not memorize faces as there are far too many faces for them to memorize. Unique clothing, or distinguishing marks that are readily visible are remembered for around one day, then forgotten.
Bump for CR.
09/14/2012 08:55 PMPosted by Zarkun
Bump for CR.
I looked around. "Well first we need to find a data server to hack into if it's possible."
I think for a moment. "Not sure where one would be. Could ask around, but that would make us a little obvious. How about we check out the Umojan com channels first?"
"We could do that, but we would have to make sure we don't accidentally put ours on their frequency. We are playing a game of life and death."

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