You've played too much starcraft when...

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09/07/2012 11:07 AMPosted by xXDefianceXx
Someone tells you to do something and you respond with "What you run out of marines?"
When you talk to your boss saying every SCV line.
When you join the Marines and you realize something. "Where's my stim?"
You've played too much Starcraft when you're afraid to give someone a hug.
When you get stuck in traffic and your first thought is: I'll just burn a scan and see what the hold up is.

When doing work on a computer with muliple windows you alt tab between the windows every few seconds just to check on everything.

When someone says something insulting you accuse them being BM. To which they think you just accused them of having a bowel movement.


exactly what i was thinking your dots = funnier than wtf he said. lol lol lol

I don't know about you but I laughed pretty hard at his because it was so confusing xD
When you tell your gf in the rear with the gear.
-When you hear your friend's "Nuclear Launch Detected" ringtone while you surf the web, and you minimize the window and frantically start looking around your desktop for a red dot
When your friends get together to have some wine and cheese, you show up with a laptop and an evil smirk on your face.
When you refer to your computer as a gaming console more than a work tool.

When you smirk at your friends for complaints that cod takes skill.

When you "gg" your gf after she makes you a sandwich

When your in traffic and suddenly wish you had either a nydus wurm or a warp prism but never a medivac because we all know terrans do suicide drops.

When the you hear the word cheese you don't think of food but 6pool

When you respond to people in sc2 lingo

When people ask for your name you have the biggest urge to say "hello everyone this is H to the usky husky here bringing you another starcraft twoooooooo action"

When at a job interview you tell the other job candidates glhf

Your apm and rank are in your resume
-When you're watching a documentary on something scary and realize they used the intro music from SC1... Don't remember what I was watching but it's true!!
When you refer to undercover cops as smurfs

When you wish your dog was a ultralisk

When you're on the sc2 forums during work an...ahh boss just caught me. Dropped an observer on me.
When you open the door, coming home from work, and when your dog sprints at you from across the other side of the house you think, "Charging Ultralisk RUN!"
When you try to cast Force Field upon seeing a crowd moving up a staircase towards you.

When whenever you flush the toilet, you wonder where your Archons are.

When you become unable to successfully type the word "mutalisk". Multalask. Multisk. Mul_ti_task.

When you feel the need to spread out the things you drop while unpacking so as to avoid them being scanned.
When you feel the ground shake and say "Seismic Disturbance Detected"
When every time you try to say SUV, you say SCV
09/07/2012 08:29 AMPosted by SocialistRex
When co-workers get argumentative, you think: "Your allies are in combat!".

Laughed pretty hard at this ^^

09/09/2012 01:37 PMPosted by weebs
When every time you try to say SUV, you say SCV

And THIS! Good god I can't say SUV anymore...


When you are going through your day finding situations to use Sc2 Unit quotes 0_o
when you set the observer sound as your text message tone. "Xelnaga with the bling bling"
00-03 seconds

i swear thats what it says

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