Darkest Heart Episode 3

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Continue here please.
"Nicely done."
Drawing Angel's Breath I let loose a couple of short bursts of fire, illuminating the alley.

anything else hiding in the shadows?
Not for now.

IC: You find nothing else in the alleyway, and are now faced with the decision of how best to enter the sewers.
quietly darting over to the man hole, I Psi Boost my senses and listen for anything beneath the hatch.
You hear the scurrying of rats and the occasional snap of alligators as they eat a rat that got too close, but nothing to betray there are werewolves except the guard.
Toria touches the wounds and looks at the massive amount of blood on her hand. "Stop standing there and get me a bandage please!"
I walk over and hand one to her. "Yeah, well maybe you should have listened for once!"
I head over to Toria, I pull a small bottle and a clean rag out of my pouch. I uncap the bottle and wet the rag with the contents. Then I begin to rub Toria's wounds with the rag. Right away her wounds begin to close.
She wraps the bandage around the left side of her face. "I thought it would be like an omega."
I just walked away. "You have yourself to blame for that. And now you have one bigger scare to go with the one you already have."

{Tobi, Toria almost became a snack for disobeying a order.}
within a few seconds the wounds are now only bright red slashes against her face.
Keep those bandages on, those wounds could easily be reopened.
{Toria, when I say stick together, I mean it.} I shake my head, tempted to grab a horse and ride down there myself, but decide against it. {Be more careful.} As Graal removes the man hole cover, the smell of wolf musk mixed with raw sewage wafes up into the air, confirming that it's their hide out.
I took a big whiff. "Yep, what if I told you guys that this smells like !@#$? Would you believe me?"
"I ready my pistols, while focusing my mental power to increase my aim"
storing my medical supplies, I head back over to the now open manhole and peered down into the darkness, allowing my eyes to adjust, with a little help from psi boost.
(over my shoulder to the group) ready to go?
Seraphim see's the rats scurrying now as well as hearing it, and see's the lazily drifting shapes of the gators in the water. You almost throw up at the stench.
"Of course I would. My face was just cut open by a f*cking guard wolf. So they definitely would smell like their sh!t from living down there with it."
"And you look even prettier now Toria." I smirked and jumped down the man hole. The stench was almost overwhelming.
You land on something that you hadn't expected, a very large and surprised wererat. As it wakes up, it looks at you, and says, "What are you doing down here? You could die!"

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