Darkest Heart Episode 3

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(with a sigh) Well here we go..
I be begin climbing down the manhole, Avenger at the ready.
"F*ck you dipsh!t." Toria says as she sits down.
(glancing over the edge of the hole)
@Toria: Are you coming?
Are you going to ignore the wererat? Really?
I looked at disbelief. "And what the hell are you supposed to be?"
"Yes. Just give me a second." Toria stands up and walks over. The wolf jumps in in front of her. It lands on the wererat.
It's obviously a wererat what else would that be?
you mentioned danger, were you just talking about the werewolves around here? or something else?
wererat? WTF!?
The wererat looks at Seraphim, then notices the weapons everyone is carrying. "Well, the wolves yes, but also the other species that live down here, mainly the sewer ghouls. Even the wolves give them a wide berth. I assume you are all hunters?"
I still had my weapons out, I did a quick scan and looked at the rat again. "Yes we are."
The wolf jumps off as Toria falls down into the sewers. Wincing a little. Her head still hurt.
I ask "Should we go get her?" even though i probably know what everyone will answer.
Climbing the rest of the way down I take a look at the surrounding area.
Sewer ghouls... how do they differ from the 'regular' ones?

(looking over at Toria) careful! the quickheal only stops the bleeding, nothing more.
Toria stands up and looks around. Shadow Hunter and Heaven's Light were in her hands.
"I know they're gonna be smellier than the normal ones"
The wererat chuckles. "Must be new to the planet. Sewer ghouls have never known the light of day and are far more powerful then their surface cousins for that reason. Many can make the shadows themselves attack you."
"Then we'd best be on our guard."
Keeper was releasing light, while Hermes was releasing darkness. "Well, I can't create any light for us, they are being so damn picky right now."
"Interesting." Toria says as she walks by. Not caring about the wererat.
"I am more comfortable in the dark. Makes it easier to hide my chains. But he is right, we need to be careful in here if we want to make it to the next mission."

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