Darkest Heart Episode 3

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"Toria, were you even listening?"
"Yes. And I don't f*cking care, because I can't take on anything stronger then an omega werewolf. So it will be you bastards to be fighting it." Toria replies.
I step up to Toria and punch her in the gut, my fingers were lined with energy and Toria got on her knees and couldn't move. "Happy now?"
"I f*cking hate you." Toria snarls.
{Toria, you let your guard down when that guard got you. It happens. Deal with it. Now, be a proper hunter, as nothing can keep us down.} The wererat sighs at the groups lack of teamwork.

"You saps won't last long around here if you don't work together."
slashing my sword down between Graal and Toria, releasing her.
This isn't getting us anywhere! I say as I help Toria to her feet.
Toria could get back up now and I picked up Keeper. "Shall we continue now?"
"How does a hunter fight after she's killed? She can't. The only thing that can keep me alive is if my wolf, or one of the kinder ones, butt in and keep me from taking a finishing blow."
I cut the palm of my hand as I gripped Keeper and slid my hand down the blade. My blood was dripping on the ground. "And I call bull !@#$ on that and you know it, you are just acting like this because you can't listen to a god damn thing we tell you!"
Calm down, both of you. I say, my voice deceptively quiet.
The wererat sighs and starts to move away. "Best of luck to you, my future meals." He vanishes into the shadows, leaving you to figure out where to go.

{Toria, you are better then this. All you need to do is accept that one hunter isn't always enough.}
"You mean one hunter isnt always enough"
looking around I take take stock of where we are.

what do we see?
a rough layout of the sewer please.
"I know. But I would feel more comfortable working with them if there was another woman."
The blood could be smelled by anything that was done here, there was enough of it. "You mean to tell me, that the reason why you are thinking of this is because there is not another woman?"
OOC: Maybe if another person joins the RP and decides to make his/her char a girl, then it might resolve the problem.

"We get that you are alone, but you cant let that raise your temper."
Zarkun permission to create a second character? I have a unique idea in how to introduce her then.
Graal, let it go. My voice emotionless & flat.
As you look around the sewer, you see three available paths; one to the left and right and then hopping across the gators to the other side. It's dark and the water runs in the middle of the sewer with various paths going in different directions across it.

OOC: Granted CR.

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