Darkest Heart Episode 3

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"Well this will be difficult, and we cant split up."
I look around. "All of you go though one way, I'll go another." They could see the blood. "They will track me first because of this, I will be buying you guys some time to get to the heart of the den."
"Just yell if you need help. I'll be there."
"Be careful...."
(gesturing to Graal's hand) Do you want me to clean that up?

(subvocalized to Tobi) {Graal is planing use himself as bait, as good as he may be, I feel that this is a truly bad idea...}
{Be careful all of you. Graal, heal that once you're sure you've distracted them. You don't want to weaken yourself too much.} As you all listen to me, you hear a howl coming from across the water.
I started to walk away. "No, I'm good. You guys better start running." And like that I ran down the left path, the darkness swallowing me.
(ah hell.) alright people, lets go.
(I start going down the right path.)
Toria follows behind. "No, because I distrust men."
"I follow right behind him, my weapons at the ready."
I follow the others, coming up the back with my chain swinging silently.
alright, we've split up, now where is each 'group' at/traveling through?

Oh? and why would that be?
"Let's see, pretty much everyone has either been: A, an @sshole, B, a Bonehead, C, Always trying to get me vulnerable, or D, All of the above." Toria answers.
I could hear the panting and the sound of feet, it was approaching fast so I ran harder and faster.

OOC: Ok, here she mate.

Name: Linnzie
Age: 16
Weapons: Claws, teeth, and a silenced handgun.
Abilities: Vision of the Pack (passive and pretty explanatory), Shadow Walk (active, can be used to hide and to creep up onto someone or something.)
Backstory: She was a offspring of a human and a werewolf and it was a brutal birth, the mother died so she was taken in by the sub-pack and was raised by them. Only when they were turning feral did she start to question them, she even started having more sympathy for the humans. She was then kicked out by the pack and was told to never return, she is now hiding somewhere in the sewers.
That.. would be a good reason. And understandable. I say.

Probably done RPing for tonight. got some stuff to do and what not.
Clarrification as you seemed to have missed it, the pack you're hunting is a sub-pack that's gone feral. Otherwise, approved.
"Who's she?"

OOC: Can't Rp anymore tonight, my mom is being an !@# and making me correct all my homework.
{Ok, I have its attention, now reach the den and I will make my..............} The werewolf barreled right into me, my head hitting the wall. I pulled out Keeper right as soon as it swiped. The blade came right clean off. "Oh !@#$, you got to be kidding me." Just at that, it slammed my head into the ground and I was knocked out.

Linnzie was doing her best to hide from the noises and any shadows that walked. A rat was scurrying on the ground and she caught it with her bare hands, hunger was in her mind and she had to eat something. She took one swift bite and part of the chest was gone. Turning around she saw eyes glowing, she took a sniff. "They aren't one of us." And as soon as those words were said, she went back to hide. The rat lying on the ground.
Toria abruptly stops. "I think I saw one of the wolves." She looks around. "Never mind. Let's move on." She kneels down to her wolf and whispers into it's ear. "I know I saw something, go find it, you'll be able to sniff out it's trail." The wolf runs off as Toria continues.

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