Reckoning Part 4

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I couldn't find the next thread, so I assumed this meant it doesn't exist.

The Phoenix is destroyed, blown into two pieces.

Most of our heroes are now aboard the Vengeance with Agent Shadow and his psychotic sister This includes Shade, newly pregnant with her second child, Zaros, father of said child, Brian, who was nearly murdered for causing said child's conception, Entity Seven, a crazed, sentient AI that has its eyes on said child, John Flint, who has lost all memory of anything that has happened since his arrival in the sector, Jess, who I can't think of anything to say about, and a few others.

Let the games begin.

(This thread resembles a soap opera more than a SC2 RP.)
OOC: No KO it did not. Interesting summary there. Forgot Raven is now being put back in his body. Or the other persons body. Anyway...


This didn't make any sense at all. The year couldn't be past 2500 yet. We had just arrived in the sector.
It would be in my best interest to try to work with my captor, and I wouldn't do the UED much good if I was dead. I start walking to the bridge of the ship hoping that working with my captor will eventually lead me to information about the rest of the people that were aboard the vessel that I had arrived on.
"I will meet you at the bridge. "
I finish moving the minds and step on Raven's gut to see how he would react.
Good. I'll be waiting, so please do not disappoint. My sister may just decide you aren't worth the trouble and eat you.
I walk onto bridge and look around for this Shadow. I find a seat near the main computer and wait.
I walk over from my command chair. "Hello, Mr. Flint. I am sincerely hoping you remember me, or this deal with amnesia will not be as fun as it could."
"I have no idea who you are, and I doubt I have amnesia anyway. Why have you taken me aboard this ship?" I try to remain calm but I feel like this situation will not bode well.

OOC: Got to head to work now.
I frown. "This is my ship, the Vengeance. It is a haven for the best of the best mercenaries, until I return them to my home base. You hitched a ride after a trap onboard a certain ship was threatened, and couldn't stand a lure any more than I. As to your UED, their invasion was five years ago. You are one of many scattered survivors of the Zerg Swarm's elimination of the invasion fleet. If you don't believe me, cross-reference my panel. It can tell you the exact state of anyone. Go on."
Several missiles crash into your ship's engines. Another one launches into your hull, attaching itself in the ship.

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Let the games begin.
09/06/2012 04:58 AMPosted by KnarledOne
(This thread resembles a soap opera more than a SC2 RP.)
Watches Knarled very closely with both eyes.

IC: Raven picked himself up and slammed into Zaros. "WAS THAT NECESSARY!" He hit the ground again when the missiles hit the ship.

Diethelm felt the ship rock and the straps were giving way. He then held me down. "That was close, that AI said that if she moved then it could have made things fatal."
"Does anyone know what that was?"

"Wait... Is Yog-Soggoth hurt?!?" I scuttle quickly through the hallways, passing the bridge on the way.

"Oh, hello Flint. Is everything alright?"
I check the information on both of the Admirals. The logs said they were deceased. I didn't believe it one bit. I feel the ship rock from an explosion. Maybe it was the rescue squad coming to get me and Stukov.

I hear another voice address me. It didn't sound human. I turn and see a hydralisk staring at me. I had only seen photographs and lab videos. They looked much worse in person than what I had thought. I increase the space between me and the hydralisk and look for something I could use. I hope that was a rescue squad that had fired the shots.

I head back to the medical bay to find that Flint had left. Shadow where is Flint at?
"Flint, has something happened? I knew you were knocked out, but did something else go on while I was getting here? I need to return to Yog-Soggoth soon to check if my Brood is still OK."
I remain quiet staring at the hydralisk waiting for any signs of an attempt to attack me. I clench my fists slightly readying myself for a fight.

I walk through the corridors looking for Flint. Has anyone seen Flint?"
"Flint... What are you doing? You know you do not wish to engage me in combat, at least not with your bare hands. Do you even remember me? Or Shadow? What do you remember?"
"I am Sargent Johnathan Flint of the United Earth Directorate. I have no memory of you or Shadow. I would think that I would not forget meeting a zerg for the first time. Last I remember I was in asleep aboard UED cruiser New York awaiting to be deployed to Braxis as part of a expedition force."

I feel exposed now. I need to find my walker now. I start shifting around with more unease.

I pass the Bridge and see Calek, Shadow, and Flint standing in there.

"Flint there you are." He has a confused look on his face. "You don't remember do you."
I scan his mind briefly. Shadow was right his mind was altered. It was more than a mind blast though.

"Shadow I think Flint's mind has been wiped."

"What mind wiped? What on Terra are you talking about."
I feel pain coming from outside the ship; from my Brood.

"I must go. Flint, if there is anything that I could do to help, just.... get Shadow to tell me. I might be gone a while."

I get to the air-lock, and call to Yog-Soggoth to send my Void Ray to the ship. I board my craft, and call to Shadow before leaving.

"Oh, yes. Don't get Drake angry. Things might go wrong."

I fly to my Leviathan, to find them in extreme pain; a large hole blown into their side by a missile! I re-enter, and check the area to find the rest of my Brood aboard him fine, apart from a few minor injuries. I rush to the wound, and begin calming Yog-Soggoth with my mind.

"Be calm, friend. Everything will be fine. You just need time to heal."

"Shadow, may Soggoth.... rest, if that is the proper word, on the Vengeance? They are in need of time to regenerate, and I do not wish to leave them behind."
All these people are talking like they know me. I feel like I am trapped in a dream that I cannot wake up from. This can't be real I just left Earth a few years ago.

OOC: Note Flint's mind thinks its back when the UED invaded 10 years ago not 5 Drac.
"Kinda." I say as I walk along. Not paying attention to the missiles. I was used to it from my time aboard many Battlecruisers.
Arianna was asleep when the missile hit and was woken, "WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?"
Keira walks up to Raven, she didn't survive a crash just to be jostled by missiles.
Hmmm. Okay.

IC: "Damn it all. Zero is really testing my patience. Kentel!" The aide raises his head. "Ah-yah, boss?" "Make sure Sister is asleep. She can't know about this, or she'd go ballistic and kill people at random again." "Ah-yah, aiya!" He clicks off. "Settle in. I think we'd best expect a boarding crew. Zero doesn't take kindly to the UED, the Zerg, or Poltergeist. We've got all three."

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