Reckoning Part 4

Joeyray's Bar
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"Well, Drake here might have some.... Use. He would require Entrent to go with him, though. I have entrusted Mr. Oliver with the *caretaking* of our psychopathic friend."
Diethelm just saw all of the women looking at him, he took one step and took off sprinting as fast as he could.

Raven entered yet another booth. "Come on let this be the lucky one."
Abel whispers into the computer, "Asexuality, look it little AI. You are so loud."
(Recap, please? Pretty please?)
I'm dropping out. I really can't keep up with this. Nor is my character that important.
Yes Calek it is me. I had suffered from a memory wipe and short term memory loss. I am back now.

Umbra I can sense that you are here. There is something I would like to talk to you about.

I stand before the Sargent. I guess I am now part of the Poltergeist Mercenaries.
I stand forward and hold my stance at attention.
Alnarak shrugs. "Signup sheet in the Civilian area."

The girls cluster and pin him. Each will yell out some sexual promise in exchange for him being with them.

The booth person looks at him blankly. "Welcome to the Forces. What can you do?"
Look it little? What does that mean?

Diethelm, you're retreating. You do know what I'm going to say this indicates,
right? So I don't need to say it?

Girls, would you like me to sedate him?
"The Forces? Can you please describe that?"

Diethelm was trying to claw his way out but it wasn't working. "SOMEONE HELP ME!" He couldn't get out and he was being piled by the women. "I am not defective AI, this is just insane to have this many people wanting me!"
Terran females, would you like me to give him that sedative now?
One hears him. "Yes! And give him to me!" Another girl elbows her jaw.

The clerk looks at him. "If you're right for us, you'd have skills. Something unique. So, what can you do?"
Activating waveforms...



Beginning remote sedation...


A beam of energy comes seemingly from nowhere and strikes Diethelm, causing him to go slack while remaining conscious.
Diethelm was struggling against all the women.

Raven spat out a few spines onto the table, then a bomb, some acid, and he activated the Hydralisk Aspect. "Some pretty messed up !@#$?"
The guy chuckles. "Perfect. We of the Forces use our special skills in the special jobs, that nobody else touches."

Each girl tore at Diethelm, trying to grab him for herself.
Raven puts his pin on the board. "There you go."

I could sense Diethelm. "He's getting torn apart in maintenance."
Please take turns, females. Would you like me to initiate a lottery
I chuckle. "Let me guess. Ship maintenance, run by 937 girls?"

The clerk puts his hands above the table, displaying that they were metal that shifted as he pleased. "Come with me."

They stop. "Lottery, huh? Sounds fair."
Raven followed him.

I then became shocked when I could see what was going on with a tendril. "Yes, all of them are on top of him taking turns at tearing him apart. What do they want?"
A console flashes.

Form a line, and enter your names. $0.10 apiece.
"No guy has signed on to Ship Maintenance, and all those girls kinda lose it. They want him, because they've been deprived of guys for the entirety of this place's existence."

They line up surprisingly neatly, and deposit their money.
Umbra where would you like to meet? I would like to talk to you in private.

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