Reckoning Part 4

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Diethelm continued to hold me down so I couldn't move while the ship rocked back and forth.

Raven saw Keira. "Hey."
"Great nothing like being boarded while there are already five different problems going on."

"Flint I need you to get back to the medical bay. You would be better off there."

"Shadow where can you use me." I draw my Dual Kaiser blades.

I look at the woman in the suit. "No I am staying right where I am. This has to be a ruse of some kind. You all must be Dominion. YOU'LL NEVER..." I stop as I feel a needle stab me in the arm. The woman had injected with something.

"I didn't want to do this Flint, but if you are not going to cooperate than I will have to keep you sedated until we can help you. I'm sorry it came to this"
I inject a sedative and he drops to the floor in a matter of seconds.
"That should keep him down long enough for use to deal with this boarding party. I'll move him back to the medical bay and strap him down so he cannot wander off again." I drag Flint back to the medical bay and place him back on the table and put the restraints on him.

I sigh and report back to the bridge.
"Now what do we do now Shadow.
"What was it like in there?" Keira asks.
I walk into the hangar and start to look for a flying vehicle I could take.
"Think of it like limbo, only a hell've lot worse."
"So, you basically are head at your heel?" Keira asks.
I head to the bridge quickly behind Jessica after she had put Flint back in the medical bay.

"Shadow is it, do you have an extra CMC 300 round here?"
Recap please.
The Vengeance is under attack by the General. Flint has recovered but only remembers everything up to the UED arrival in the sector and is now sedated and restrained until the battle is finished.
Raven is now back in his respected body and not someone's body. Shade is still unconscious and being held in place by Diethelm.
Calek has appeared with a brood of his own.

That's about it I think.
So I missed another attack? Well, assume the whole of the LEU arrived right before the attack.

{All ships, fire on that unidentified ship and any others that appear from it. We'll find the real one soon enough.} The fighters fly out of their hangars and the Seraph cannons open fire, hoping to eradicate the threat.

I'm hoping my Leviathan doesn't count as an un-identified ship XD
OOC: Who said it was Zero firing those shots?


IC: You hear something moving in the vents, like a large metal snake screeching against the walls. The sound continues to echos until you hear it breaking through somewhere.
The noise could be heard clearly in the medbay. Diethelm was watching over me to make sure nothing would happen. Claws started to morph and he was ready for anything that could approach.
I toss my combat knife to Hawk. "Stay on guard. I am going to see where the sound is coming from."
I leave the bridge and follow the sound.

I catch the knife. "Alright."
I take a seat but keep my guard up. What ever it is that is on board doesn't sound like it will be pleasant to deal with.
I focus on a foreign presence. "What is this? No real power, but much courage." I lock it in place with psionic power. "Lieutenant Ginei! Climb into the vents. We've got an intruder." A short, black-and-red haired Asian woman climbs deftly into the main A/C vent.
Diethelm was trying to look for the thing, but then something came up behind him and knocked him out. He's a big guy, so it was impressive whoever it was. He hit the floor with a thud and the needle inside of me almost moved.
I see a small craft and walk into it. I exclaim, "How the hell are you supposed to drive this thing?" A users manual prints. "What the f*ck?" I pick it up and start reading.
Arianna opens up her eyes to see Diethelm on the ground. She slowly starts to look up and screams.
There was more sounds as something burst out the wall with high speeds, moving too fast for you to identify.
"This is irritating. My ship is not a cruise liner." I decide to make everything on board, excepting myself and Lieutenant Ginei, completely immobile. To compensate, I activate a Planetary Shield.
I just finishes reading and was about to take off when I couldn't move. You have got to being kidding with me.

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