Reckoning Part 4

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You know what, I'll try one more time.

<Shadow, I would like to meet with you. You got somewhere for it?>
{Just dock. I'll see you in a bit.}

Umbra notices Flint. Try the third floor?
I just looked at Shadow with shock. "You mean to tell me that they are sex crazed!"
{Already did. Anywhere you'd like me or the others to go?}
Right I'll meet you there.
"I'll be back Jessica"
I head to the elevator and go to the third floor to meet with Umbra.

{Well Cayl I would like to see you again. I also have a question for you.} I nod to Flint. Something still seemed odd about him but then again he was always the odd type.
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Internal processes: I'm going to make a killing at this. Let's see... 971 x $0.10... $97.10.
Wow, I must be getting old. Took me 0.0000000023 seconds to do that
calculation. Well, I guess I'm going to make a killing... hehehe.
{Jessica? Well I'll be d@mned. Sure, ask away. I'm just outside airlock...33 it looks like, 1st sub level.}
{I'll be there shortly. I need transport back to my ship so I can get somethings. I do need to get it into dry dock or something so I can fix it.}
I head towards airlock 33 on the first sub level. I would be good to see Cayl again I have missed him since we parted at the Academy.
{Roger, we'll be waiting.} I glance over the others, Tobi playing with his pistols, Daalis meditating, and Jared practicing with his scythe. "So, any thoughts from the two from the earlier incident?"

I glance at Cayl then close my eye again. "It was...interesting to say the least. I fear that wasn't the last we've seen of that ship though."

I sigh, stopping my practice and looking at Cayl. "Maybe this whole thing was a bad idea."

I nod at both of the comments then turn to Tobi. "What got you to answer my call so suddenly?"

I chuckle, holstering Order and Chaos. "The fact that action finds you no matter where you go." I then draw Argost, letting the light play off it's blade. "Why else would I come?"

"Good point." I sigh, drawing the two katanas I carried as memorandum from the Academy, and begin practicing.
Do any of you want to play Darkest Heart IV? I'll turn my difficulty
level down to easy. Selling mating lottery tickets to women and
throwing things around with psionics is getting boring.

G'night all.
I find the airlock door and open it. I see Cayl and three other people I haven't met yet standing there.
"Hey Cayl. Its been awhile since we have seen each other." I smile under my helmet.
I stop my practice and lower my helm, smiling wide. "Good to see you Jessica. What have you been up to?"
Keira jumps in front of Diethelm. "Stop. He doesn't want this, so respect him for that. Okay?"
"Not to much. Just a few battles here and there." I take off my helmet revealing bruises on my face. "Saved an ex-dominion marine named Hawk, got attacked by dominion, Flint got his memory wiped and suffered from short term memory loss. He got it back after going through the spretcre process. And I think that takes care of the most recent events."

I lean against a wall facing Cayl.
I shake my head in wonder. "It's a wonder you're still alive sometimes." I then turn to the others. "These are my friends, Tobi Van Helsing," He nods to her, still letting the light play off his golden blade, "Daalis," He opens his eyes, briefly waving to her before returning to his meditation, "and Jared Hunt." Jared just glances in her direction as he proceeds to practice with his scythe.
Korzis starts to cry.

I arrive at the Internal Regulators booth.

Brian arrives at the Infiltration booth.
"Well from what Flint has told me. I have the luck of an Irish woman though that may be just an earth saying."

I turn to each of his friends. "It is nice to meet all of you."
I chuckle. "He always did miss Earth. Would he be here by chance? You only mentioned he lost his memory, not if he was here."
"Yes though I do not know where he is now. He walked off into the elevator not saying what he was doing. He just said that he would be back."

"Yes he does. Remember how happy he was when we visited Earth last year?"
I nod. "Even though it wasn't his time period. I can't help but share I was excited too."

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