Reckoning Part 4

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"So you ready to take me to my ship?" I stand up strait now waiting for his reply.
I nod. "Of course. Just remember to give me some coordinates once we undock." Daalis and Jared, turn to follow me, but Tobi stays and heads deeper into the asteroid. "You coming, Tobi?"

I shake my head. "I sense one of my old allies is on board. Gonna give him a surprise visit." Cayl just nods and leads the others in to the ship. I walk away, heading towards Entrent's energy.
"Trust me it won't be hard to find. Its a floating scr,ape heap right now." I curse a bit about the fact my ship was in the state it is in. It should have never gotten that way. Alas that is the chaos of the universe.
I nod. "Our dry dock should be able to help you get it repaired."
I breath a sigh of relief. That take care of securing a dock for repair now it comes down to the materials. I start making a mental list of this I will need to fix my ship.

"Thank you Cayl. Not sure what I can do to repay you but I will somehow."

"Need someone offed? Or something fixed..." I start running through different things I can do to repay him for his help.
I shake my head and hold up a hand, stopping Jessica. "You don't need to repay me. You're my friend."
I look at Cayl clearly confused. "Sorry still not used to how most people are. Bad part of being taken by a government as a child and raised purely in combat then experimented on then tossed aside like a useless tool."

I put my helmet back on and stop myself from saying to much more. I really never did talk about my past much for many reasons. Mostly it was because of what the first rule I was taught. Never trust anyone. I have broken that rule many times with out much regard for why I did, but when I came to my past I never trusted anyone to tell it to.

"Sorry I didn't mean to blurt that out. What I meant is that I am used to using favors as trade when I don't have credits and need something."
I chuckle. "I understand. You're used to a very different life style."
I smile a bit and look out the glass into the endless void. It was nice having someone else that would consider me a friend that is not a spectre or Flint.
"Be careful not there is plenty of debris that might damage your ship. I really don't want that to happen."
"I'm not too worried. Excalibur is a large ship. Not much could challenge it." We were moving through the field towards Jessica's ship.
I finish the mental list and begin writing it down so I can see if they have everything. The only thing that they may not have is element 398201. While not important I did need it for my hull plating. Damn stuff was hard to destroy with out focused fire. I should have had it on the ships hull over over instead of the just the main fuselage.
"Ok I have a list of things I will need for repairing. If you don't have any of element 398201 don't worry about it. Its only good for improving the hull integrity."
I shake my head. "Don't have any of that. I do however," I pull out a small piece of blueish metal, "have mithril. Dominion losers really have to focus to cut through that."
I examine the metal closely. Its properties are similar but slightly weaker.
"That can work though it isn't the strength that I would like to have. Element 398201 is pretty rare in most parts of this sector. Oddly enough New Folsom is abundant in it and the Dominion is completely oblivious to that fact."
"I'd offer you some mithrite, but that takes a little longer to get a hold of as it's synthesized."
"Do you have a sample of it?" I ask curiously.
I draw my halberd, the red tint obvious. "My halberd is made from it."
I examine the halberd closely. I determine that it was closer to the what I needed. It looks very similar to element 398201 due to the reddish hue.
"That looks like it might be what I am talking about. I couldn't tell you with out a sample to compare to what I have in a lab."
I pull out one of my knives, handing it too her. "Just try not to mess that up. Most of my stuff is made from it as I synthesized it shortly before leaving the Academy."

Last post for me tonight, night ya'll.
"If this is element 398201 then I can give the exact location to a deposit that could build several ships this size and still have some left over. You do have a lab on this ship correct?" I take the knife and begin to look it over more.
A small robot walks up to the terminal and collects the cash as Entity Seven announces the winner.

Hey, Shadow? I'm wiring you $7.10. Let's just say I used your facilities
to make some money.

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