Reckoning Part 4

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"I don't f*cking care. I take care of my friends." Keira says. She punches the girl who was coming in her massive Firebat suit.
You're forcing me to intervene... to save your life. I think Shadow would
be displeased if you were ripped apart by nearly a thousand angry females.

A wall of energy appears in front of Keira, blocking her from Diethelm and the engineers.There is a bright flash, and the group is warped to the dormitory section of the engineers' area.
"Very well. Entrent, keep Drake out of trouble until I return." I disappear, heading to the civilian level to sign up Drake. Soon after, I return with the pin, handing it to my comrade.

"Just follow him. He will choose, just keep him from killing anyone."

"Yes, Calek. I'll try."
I move through the hallways, looking for Entrent. As I go, I come across a strange looking Hydralisk. "Excuse me, has Entrent been through here?"
"Why, yes. I just sent him to watch Drake in the recruiting stations. Are you Tobi Van Helsing? You match his description."
"I am. Judging from the fact that you know my name, you know Entrent. Thanks for the directions. I can find him from here." I head towards the recruiting offices, excited to give Entrent a bit of a surprise.
"Thanks Cayl." I head out down to the lab and find one of the scientist and have him lead me to the equipment that I need to evaluate the samples.
I examine them closely for about a half hour before determining that they are indeed the same metal. I return to where Cayl.
"Guess we are lucky. Your artificial mineral is really a naturally occurring one on some planets. When we recover my ships I can get you the coordinates for the deposit I was telling you about." I take a seat next to Cayl and wait for them to gather my ship.

I get off of the elevator and wait for Umbra.
I nod. "Makes sense. And thanks."
"Not a problem. I just hope that you understand if I do not come with you to where the deposit is."
I turn my gaze to the window as I start to repress the memories from the time I spent on New Folsom. It was something I didn't ever want to remember.

"How long should it take to get my ship into the dry dock?" I was wanting to get my mind onto something else and repairing my ship was something that always helped in getting my mind off of things.
"Well, that depends on how close we are to it."
"It shouldn't be to far. Wait there it is!" I point to the starboard side of the ship. The ship can be seen floating aimlessly in the debris field.
"Right." I radio to the dry dock, and a tractor beam draws the ship in. "There you go. Let me know if you need anything else."
"Just sometime alone with my ship is all I need right now" Distance is heard in my voice. The memories were starting to reenter my mind. I was glad that my helmet was still my on hiding my face. A tear starts its way down my masked face as I head to the dry dock.
I watch Jessica leave the bridge and sigh. Something was on her mind. I'd find out later.
In dry dock I see my ship sitting looking worse than before. It must have collided with some debris causing more damage. I sigh as I start to gather the parts I need to start fixing it. I climb inside to gather what tools were left as well.
After I have gathered what I needed I to repair my ship. While it will take awhile it should be done by the end of the day.
As I work the memories were not wanting to fad away like normal. The one that stuck the most was when I first arrived on New Folsom and the faces of those men. Another tear follows the trail of the first one as my mind replays that day over and over.

OOC: Last post for me tonight. When I post again her ship will be nearly finished and only need a little while longer to finish completely.
Entrent follows behind the wake Drake leaves in the crowd. Those who have heard of him back away. Those who haven't can tell somethings wrong with him. They approach a booth for the Infiltrators, where Drake stops and watches them quizzically.
My ship is not starting to look like it did before the attack. I take a break from the repairs and sit in my chair on the bridge. The memories were starting to fad into the back of my mind once more. I was glad to be rid of them again.
{Thank you Cayl for letting me use your dry dock for fixing my ship.}
{Anytime. Don't I still owe you and Flint a visit to Loria?}

I finally manage to catch up to Entrent, following a strange man who I assumed to be Drake. Approaching so quietly that not even a vampire would have heard me, I tap him on the shoulder.
{Yes you do. I know that I would like to still see it. I do believe that he would as well.}
I munch on a small bit of food that I had stored in the ship. I was lucky that it was in a sealed container in an undamaged part of the ship.
{Once this whole thing is done, I'll take ya there.}

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