Reckoning Part 4

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Arianna wandered around and she ends up inside the Excalibur.

"Arianna is supposed to be an expert at entering minds so she should be able to get into the minds of the Lorians, just a little exhausting compared to usual."
{That would be nice. I am sure I very much so enjoy it.}
I remove my helmet completely and lean back in my chair. I really was looking forward to visit Loria.
Expert or not, they're tailored to stop such things. And how would she even get on board? We left already.
"Could've been just before you left..."
Hmmmm....I'll allow it. Though you'd think that Ghosts of significant power would know how to teleport.
"She is ten years of age and only really knows very simple things."
"Tobi! How are you here? I thought... Nevermind. How have things been? What has become of Toria and the others?"
I finish eating and begin to finish the repairs to my ship. Now it was mostly making sure that the wiring and plating were done so that there wouldn't be any surprises when I tried to fly it later.
As I worked I was thinking about Cayl. I had a feeling that he knew that something was up with me. I shrug it off and continue to work.
I chuckle. "They're all fine. Very successful despite the...incidents. How have you been?"
Arianna runs around and bumps into a Lorian. She dives behind some crates before he turns around.
The man looks around, his hand resting on the Breaker pistol, before continuing on. Most likely just a puff of air.
"Good.. Fairly good. Calek found me during one of my ventures, and hired me to guard Drake when he had other matters to attend to."
I finally finish the repairs and start my ship up. The core hums with energy as the rest of the ship comes online. I am greeted by the on board AI. It was good to have it back and functioning.
I head to the main computer in the aft compartment. I load up the files pertaining to the deposit I found on New Folsom. I down load them to a data disc and have my ship power down. I disembark it and return to the bridge and hand the data disc to Cayl.
"This is has the files of that mineral deposit. It should lead you strait to it. I doubt the Dominion knows that it exists. It is in a spot where scanners a rendered usleess due the electromagnetic interference that the mineral gives off when unrefined. Also why it makes a good metal to make stealth ships out of." I smile and brush the hair out of my eyes. My hair is still rather unkempt but I never really did care that it was.
I glance at the strange man again. "He seems to have a bit of vampire in him, though it's so diluted you almost can't tell."
Arianna steps from behind the crates and runs around. Ducking behind convientently placed objects to avoid detection and she ends up in the bridge.
I take the disc. "Thanks. Might save us sometime compared to synthesizing it." I hand the disc to a technician, then face Jessica again. "Now then, what's bothering you?"
"There is something quite definitely..... off a bout him. Calek is looking into it, but for now, we just keep him out of trouble."
I look at him with a neutral expression.
"Its nothing just some bad memories."
I smile and try to change the subject.
"I thought that you Lorians might have better use of the metal than some of the people I could have sold it to."
Arianna finally finds someone who's mind isn't protected by robots and slips in. She says in the persons head, Hi.
Hello? Who are you.

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