Reckoning Part 4

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"We will, but you aren't telling me the truth. You don't live as long as I have by taking a troubled person at their word about something that's bothering them."

I nod. "It wouldn't hurt. Though the vibe he's giving off right now, he isn't really in need of a babysitter."
I'm Arianna. Who are you?
"Its not something I wish to talk about right now Cayl. Maybe some other time." My face returns to a neutral expression when he called my bluff. I really didn't want to talk about it. Not now nor ever.

I return my thoughts to the person who had introduced themselves telepathically.
I am Jessica. It is nice to meet you.
"We don't want him doing anything.... Crazy. We just want to help him, and he seems to be fine with us so far."
How come I'm only able to enter your head?
It is because the Lorians have a mechanical technology that aides them in keeping psionics out of their heads. It is odd I know but it is true.

So where are you on this ship and why are you on it?

I continue to wait for Umbra near the elevator.
"Well, if you change your mind, I know Flint's there for you and so am I."

"Well, keep in mind the dilution I mentioned. It could explain a bit about him."
I smile at Cayl.
"Thank you, I know that you and Flint will be there for me. I also have Jesse as well. Didn't I tell you about him back at the Academy?"
I need to know what I missed!
To tell you the truth, I have no idea what the !@#$ is going on with every ones else side. But with Shade she is still in the Inner Circle with Shadow of course....Raven is following his booth person...and Diethelm was just used as a lottery thing and the AI just said the number on who gets Diethelm. Keira then jumped in and shot whoever came near him with a grenade launcher. The AI even wired Shadow some money from the lottery.

I.note the wired cash. //Don't insult me,Seven. I have more cash than the Dominion.//

Tina checks her number. "Drat!" Another girl, an African American around the same age, walks up. "Victory for me!" She simply strides up and drags Diethelm off.
Diethelm was being dragged off by the woman of African descendent.

Raven was still following the man down the stairs. "So where are we going....."

I tried to make myself comfortable while waiting for the Inner Circle to be done with their meeting and or planning.
I arrive at Internal Regulations and Brian gets to infiltration.
The mysterious man takes Raven to a large meeting hall. "It is here that we receive special missions from the Upper Circle. Should any of our specialties coincide with their objectives, we deploy. Of course, the latest mission involves cleaning up the Commune mess. The Stormcloud battery, a war machine devised to destroy the old Academy team, is the last stronghold."

I scowl. "And they couldn't just ask for an adjustment because . . ."

The meteor storm pelts the area, keeping us docked.

Umbra arrives in C. "Hello!"

"Here in Internal.Regulations, you will find that the speediest method of dealing with those on base that deny code is death. There are two nonCircle beings on G. You and Vee will terminate both, if the situation is deemed to necessitate such."
I'm guessing Shade is one of the noncricle beings?

IC: "So...when will we be attacking the battery and when shall the planning commence?"

"Interesting...this is going to be so much fun! So what is this Stormcloud Battery?" Raven was looking at the various equipment in the room.

Diethelm was still being dragged away.
Yup. Zaros is actually, without his knowledge, being ordered to take Shade down.

I sigh. "We can't plan, really. Its only design was to recognize and kill the old Academy group." I point outside. "And we can't go yet."

Another Poltergeist member, a nine-year-old with yellow hair and the most tattered uniform among the group, pipes up. "We actually don't know much. Just that it's a building sized weapon with programming to kill the old Academy team. Man, what I'd give to have been there."
So why are you here? Arianna asks.

I place my pin in the Internal Regulators. "Now..."

Brian places his pin in the Infiltrators. "Okay, so what's happening?"
"So pretty much it's going to be a pain in the !@#, yes?" I propped my feet back up.

Raven looked at the kid. "I see, so it's going to be one hell've time to break in, and a hell've time to blow it to $%^-."
The Infiltrator on duty, a fifteen year old with a rat tail, drags Brian to a ramshackle room, loaded with people and Protoss, all noticeably young for their species. Khaydarin amulets and Lockdown rounds litter the bunks in equal measure.

The indicated Internal Regulator, a balding man with enough medals to belong to nine prestigious soldiers, gestures towards a special elevator, trimmed in yellow.

I smile. "Bingo."

The kid looks at Raven. "Basically. Do I know you from somewhere?"
I walk into the elevator and crack my neck in preparation.

Brian smiles and grabs several Lockdown rounds. "So what are we doing next?"

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