Reckoning Part 4

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My Leviathan lands on the ship heavily, sending it moving at a moderate speed towards a massive star.

Hmmm? A Leviathan landing on a docked ship on a massive asteroid out in the middle of nowhere, nothing but white dwarfs as far as the eye can see, sends the whole thing hurtling toward a massive star.
Logic explanation, por favor.
I thought it was just flying in space. No one told me it was docked XD


IC: My Leviathan lands atop the Vengeance, and a low rumbling can be heard. Snoring then shakes the entire ship.

"I didn't know they did that. How do they even snore?"
Great now I cannot move. Must be either the attackers or Shadow's doing.
Shadow what is going on?
Getting through a Planetary Shield must be difficult.

Bombardment. We'll outlast them, but I needed to lock down an intruder before we start shooting. Too fast to individually target, but . . .
But there was always a but with this man. That is how I got in that situation with the Commune leader in the first place.
Shadow you know after the incident with the man you are now sharing minds with I don't like it when you say but.
Heh. But, if I lock down everything, there's no way for it to escape. Lieutenant Ginei is going to grab the intruder- remember her?
Vaguely, was she the short asian that held me back from killing someone?

I still don't like it when you say but anyway. Never again will I wear an outfit the exposed that much skin just to distract a perverted old man.
Close. Back then, she was Private Ginei. She provided the waitress uniform- originally, you were supposed to be a chef, but we discovered you couldn't cook.
Yeah that so happens to be one of the traits the man I have strapped down in the medical bay has not one of mine.

It really was hilarious- you squeezing into her tiny uniform did a number on Niell. *Wanna wear it again?* Shut up, you.
A trade that I will probably introduce in the Academy is Flint's ability to cook. I was referring to Flint since he was restrained to a table until the mindwipe was fixed

Don't remind me. And I would only wear it again if I could kill Niell after several hours of painful torture.
He doesn't have a body anymore, so at least you wouldn't be groped this time. Of course, it would be torture for me to hear his screams inside my head. So, no. *Damn you.* Listen, you're gonna get lost sometime soon. Maybe as a dog. On Moria- you know, that planet settled on by mostly Asians? *Screw you, not getting eaten again.*
I laugh with Shadow's comment. Still never going to wear that outfit again. Kassorna had better had burned those photos as well.
I wasn't aware he had taken any. I certainly wasn't aware of the website he made for them, which has over a billion hits. *Why did I get stuck with the one guy not willing to see that site?* Easy. You are evil and deserve punishment. *Just make me a fly and crush me or something!*
I butt into the conversation, He's not the only guy. And Shadow, I would like to be unlocked for two seconds.
That damned lurker. If I knew where he was I would slowly carve him out of that shell he has.

I am tempted to have you let me have him so I can break his mind apart. But unlike you I have to sleep sometime.
I'd have to find your mind individually. Think of something no one else would- I might find you more easily.
You wouldn't be able to handle his snarky commentary. Besides, destroying a consciousness takes way too much energy. What body should I put him in? You could mess with him as you please.
I start thinking about when Brian and a few other Ghosts tried to kill me when I first defected from the Dominion. Barely escaping with my life.
Hmm. Do we have any DNA sample from him. Could clone his body but alter the genetics a bit to keep him from regaining any of his powers.

That might suffice, though I would have to cut out his tongue to so I wouldn't have to listen to his comments.

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