Reckoning Part 4

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That would be fine, if we had any of his DNA. Remember, however, that I ate him.and his fortress burned to the ground, and with it all he touched.

Hmmm. Interesting.
Drat. Wait that small knife I stabbed into his hand with might still have something on it. I haven't cleaned or used it since than.

Oh crap its on my ship. Which is almost floating space junk anyway. Damn those Dominion!!
What's interesting about it? I ask, a little angry.
Being attacked for choosing your own path. Nothing ever changes.
I calm down. When you believe in something you should always stand up for it. Even if your one child against an entire galaxy.
I woke up to see Diethelm knocked out on the floor, and the needle still inside of me. I said with a grumpy voice. "How long is this going to be???

Raven was lying there because of what Shadow did. "So, when can we move again do you think?"
Ginei finds the intruder and radios in. {Got the bastard, boss.} I release everyone, one by one, except the intruder. Everyone else, my sincerest apologies. I do not take well to uninvited guests.
"I understand." I begin heading towards the one restrained presence I could feel, hoping to at least see this intruder.
There was a loud roar as it moved against its restraints. You hear some thrashing sounds until you hear a loud suction noise from one of the rooms.
I force a little extra energy into its restraints. "This would hold Kerrigan. Let's see his strong you are."

Ginei grabs the intruder, dragging them, even though it floats in midair due to the restraints' nature.
Naits, why is I ignored? My ship and fleet, as I was trying to fit back in, are nearby as well...
OOC: Sorry if I didn't explain why it was ignored. I never said anything about a ship, just missiles and the intruder landing.

@Draconus, so you're entering the room?

My apologizes if my DMing skills aren't good right now. Lately, I've been busy with stuff at school and whatnot.
Raven takes out a portable bow and unfolds it, he then pukes out a Bio Bomb and attaches it at the tip. {Shadow, where is this thing at? Shade can't do anything because of the AI and Diethelm is knocked out?}
Basically, one of my officers has the intruder and will put them in a cutoff tube for questioning- it's meant to be a means to safely store someone possibly dangerous.

Here's how it works:
The fluid the captive is immersed in shuts down all muscles excepting those in the face, keeps them from touching anything using repulsor technology, and cuts off psionic abilities using a scrambler, set to Shadow's own psionic frequency so it is useless against him.
Ok so ignore my opening fire.

The rest of the fleet finished warping in and we set ourselves to orbit the Asteroid. {We'll hold here, Shadow. Need anything from us?}
OOC: ........................

Draconus, back up. Did you enter the room or not? I didn't even say what you saw or blah blah blah.
No. My lieutenant did for me. I can see what she's doing, however.
Raven was running through the hallway of the ship, he had his bow drawn. Shadow are we sill on emergency alert?
We are fine now. The intruder has been captured in psionic restraints.
More missile barrages hit your ship, this time attacking the bridge. Another pod comes and lodges itself into the hull.

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