Reckoning Part 4

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Planetary Shield has zero effect?
OOC: My apologizes. Ignore that. And replace it with this:

IC: More projectiles began to bombarded your ship, becoming increasingly more violent. As your shields struggle against the more powerful missiles, some began to divert and hit the other ships.

There's a loud roar in your ship, screeching sounds echoing in the halls. What ever came with the intruder is still out there.
Shadow I think we have more visitors. I will go hunt this one down. I cloak and begin searching for the source of the sound.
I push a lever and take off. I exit the Vengeance. I enter a warp jump and disappear. I need to go back there. I need to inspect it again.
The fighters were able to intercept most of the missiles, the ones breaking through being destroyed by the Seraph cannons. {What the hell is going on Shadow?}
If you knew, you'd want me to abuse my reality-bending new capabilities, to which I say no.
{Can you at least tell me a general direction to fire in so we can get some relief from the missiles?}
{Try the direction of that asteroid shaped like a shark. You remember what they look like from our Earth trip, right?}
OOC: Sorry about just's school time, and I'm ridiculously busy. I don't think I'll be able to do much now, if anything. I'll just plothole out of here for now, maybe show up if I have some free time.

IC: Billy went to the med-bay and waited. He figured he would be bored. He pulled out his shining white Nintendo DS, which he thought would be a waste of time. Now, he admired its sleek screens and endless capacity for entertainment. He pulled out his Pokémon Sapphire game, its transparent blue plastic making the advanced gameboy appear as if it were swimming.
Dr. Billy Lee pressed the power switch, and the screens powered up. A red light blinked at him from the side of the device. On the second blink, the contraption died. Billy was left, staring, powerless, at his powerless DS.


I dunno if Omega's still attached to Raven, but if she is, she grabs a nearby chunk of debris and slowly, gorily saws her arm off at the elbow. She waves with her dripping stump.
"Bye, hopefully I'll be able to drop back in!"
With a bloody flash of light, she was gone.
"No, you're free."
"Shadow, who is attacking us? I require sufficient information to destroy them for harming Yog-Soggoth."
I scour the ship for any signs of the intruder. I find strips of metal near the hanger from where a missile had breached the hull and release on of the things but not much else. I enter the hanger and search through there.

I remain on the bridge searching around to see if anything has entered. I keep the combat knife in hand poised for the best chance of striking almost anything.
A bola wraps around your hand, nearly knocking the knife out of your hand. A second bola comes, missing your feet and skidding across the floor.
I curse and struggle against the bola trying to free my hand.
I keep a firm grip on the knife and watch for anymore bolas or anything else.
Raven reached the med bay to Diethelm knocked out on the floor. "!@#$, what happened here?"

I still was not allowed to move. "I don't know, I woke up to find him like that."
The sedative wears off and I start to regain consciousness. I wake up and try to get up but find myself restrained.

"Why in Terra am I restrained, and where is Admiral Stukov?!"
Ginei drops the intruder into the cutoff tank. I seal its lid, and peer through the glass. "Your intentions? Do tell me. I would rather not use my psionic power to make parts of your anatomy fall out of existence."
Another bola comes, this time coming close to your head. You soon hear something fall over and a slivering sound from the vents.
Who's you?
Hawk I believe.

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