Reckoning Part 4

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The intruder looks back at you, giving you a evil grin.

"The decoy, what else?"

A bola comes in the room, the iron balls at the ends starting to blink.

"Unfortunately for you, I'm just a computer. I think it's time to go back to the other ship's computer consoles. Have nice day."

The intruder is suddenly still, his eyes blank. The bola explodes, destroying the intruder into a mass of metal parts and springs.
I shake my head. "Pathetic. Nothing escapes a cutoff tank- it blocks signal transceivers, and the loose items" I bend down and take out a data disk "end up on here."
Raven was looking around Diethelm for clues on what knocked him out, then there was a slime dripping from a vent on the ceiling, it was dripping on him. "What the hell....." He looked up and saw something. "!@#$."
Arianna peeks her head out from behind a cabinet. "Is it gone?"
From glancing around I determine that I am in a medical bay. I must have done something to have been put in restraints.
I hear voices nearby
"Hey is anyone there?!" I shout.
There's a slight hissing noise.

Miss Shade, you will be free to go after a quick surgical operation.

Shade has increased in size significantly at this point. Several syringes are injected into her, then some mechanical arms begin to perform...

A Caesarian section.
"...It's not even a day old..."
It has gone through several months worth of physical development, though, you trusting biological fools. MUHAHAHA!!!

"Part Protoss, several months ain't gonna cut it."
One quarter or less. Entity Seven doesn't care, anyways.


The child is extracted and immediately placed on life-support. Moments later it is in a tank.

You are free to go, miss Shade.
I continue to fight against my restraints swearing loudly as I do.

"Is there anyone that can help me?" I call out again.
So SF, I guess Korzis is going to have some early childhood problems because of Seven? -_-

IC: I started to say something to the AI. "All of this for a child, you are not going to do anything to him."

The thing grabbed Raven while the others were talking, he was taken into the vent and his bow was lying on the ground.

OOC: And I am serious, nothing is going to happen to the child. And Umbra still has Cynthia I forgot. And you are forgetting Knarled that all of that rapid grow could end up causing more harm to the child which you are not allowed to do anything to?
I hear movement in the vents above me. I quiet down and stop fighting my restraints. What ever was up there may prove to be a friend or foe. I decide to stay quiet. If it was a friend from my squad then they would have said something by now.
As the LEU continues to deflect the shots and the events on the Vengeance occure, a strange fighter comes out of warp space. A voice comes over all radio frequencies as it weaves through the fire. {Hey is there a Cayl Rios here? It's me, Tobi.}
{There might be. Whats it to you?} I reply a little warily.

I free my hand from the bola's just as another whirls by my head.
I duck and watch for more. Before I can see anything more I hear more sounds coming from the vents.
{I'm a friend of his. Picked up Excalibur's signal here. Didn't expect to warp into the middle of a fire fight.}
{Just bad timing. His ship is here you might want to try hailing it.} I still feel wary about this Tobi.
Entity Seven is going to attempt to make the child its minion.

I was unaware this child was present in another RP, but I guess that just means Seven will either fail or the minionization will be cured/hidden.
I'm sharply betting on failure, but with long-term emotional scarring.
{Thanks.} I shift over to a different channel, the one for Cayl's ship. {Cayl, you there? It's Tobi.}

I grab the radio. {Glad to see you found us. Head towards Excalibur. We have a docking bay for you.}

{Roger.} I fly towards the indicated hangar, swerving when needed.

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