Reckoning Part 4

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One, he's a child.
Two, he is going to have child hood problems now and that will affect development.
Three, why?
Four, no one is going to let you experiment on him you know and she will try to take him out of the tank you know?

And Draconus, you do realize that a emotional scarred person is the commander on Techsuit then right?
Emotional trauma has led to people like Napoleon and Ho Chi Minh. Brilliant tactically, but psychotic.
I sigh and try to fight the restraint one last time. I ended up knocking over several trays and instruments make enough noise that it could be heard in the next room and in the hall.

I couldn't find anything in the hanger and decide to check the medical bay. I see Shade and the infested terran near each other. It looked like Shade had been through a lot. I also see Raven's bow lying on the ground near an air duct vent.

Great what ever it is must have grabbed Raven.

As I am about to climb into the vent I hear trays crashing to the ground in the room that I had put Flint in. Well he must be awake now. I leave the vent and go check on Flint.

As I enter he quickly stops fighting the restraints and stares at me.

"I see your awake Flint. Remember anything."

He says nothing and has a puzzled look on his face. With that I assume that he hasn't remembered.

"Ok if you promise to remain calm and not leave this room I will take off the restraints."

He nods and relaxes. I go over and take the restraints off.

"Ok I am going to leave you for right now but I will be back as soon as I can." I leave the room and climb into the vent in search of the intruder and Raven.

I remain sitting on the bed. What did she mean by remember anything. I ponder on that while I wait for her to return.
One of the medical techs comes in, with a chart on Flint. "High-grade amnesia. Psychology case. Please remain here."
I look at the tech with a confused look.
"I didn't plan on leaving. I am going to wait for the person that was in here just before you. She told me to wait here anyway."
I create a rift inside the tank and the baby falls through it, I then create another one and I jumped through it. They closed and no one could get in. That means no one, not even Seven can do it.

OOC: I have to leave, and they will be staying in there probably forever. I can't risk it.
A bola strikes out, landing around your wrist. You drop the chip as something comes up and throws you into the nearby wall.
Chip what chip?
That's to Drac.
Ah ok.


As I crawl into the ducts I see where the dust has been disturbed. I activate my low light vision and follow the trail.
Shadow I am following something that had picked up Raven. I'll keep you up to date on what it is.
I arrive at my planet of birth. I find a place to land and find my little town bustling with life. I was startled from the amount of activity. I shake myself out of it and start looking around.
Arianna stepped out. She pulled out her little knife and went beside Diethelm. She cuts him a little bit in hopes that it would wake him.
Since when did trained agents drop an item of importance just because they were struck?

I retain my grip. "Remind me to purge the area. Move out." As I punch in a code on my wrist, my crew, myself, and Umbra (still holding Cynthia) leaves the craft for the maze that is my base, being ultra-inspected, ensuring without a doubt that only they entered. *Purge imminent. All items not belonging to the ship's Hull matrix, as in the last report from.Shadow himself, will be vaporized with zero chance of recovery.*
I sigh as I exit the duct. Getting killed was not on my mind. I turn and see Calek standing in the medical bay. "Hey bad time to get back on the ship. Better get off while you can." I return to where Flint was.
"We have to go. Now."

Shadow you know that Raven is still on the ship.
Anyway anything new with Flint?

I followed Shadow to his base.
I sent a message to Shadow while I was finding the correct area to make another rift.
That crazed AI? He made the baby go through rapid growth inside of me and now he is going to have problems because of him now. He developed physically but not as well mentally. I don't trust that AI, he was using me to get the child.

OOC: I could had made that sound better. -_-
The young boy felt a small amount of self awareness. The sudden change of within water to open air was so quick it nearly set him in shock. He cries, and cries, and cries.
Arianna starts sawing off Diethelms arm to try to wake him up. She was turning her face away from the dislike of blood.

"Knarled, it was also predesignated that I would get control of Korzis."
"Shadow..... Did that announcement just say that we are all going to be vaporized?" I ponder this for a moment, and then hurriedly run for the medical bay, hearing a noise there and fearing Drake had done something.


I wondered the area, the dark one watching me. He followed me wherever I went, making sure I did no harm. They knew I wouldn't.

At least not to them.

I hear a noise farther on, and enter the room to find a man sitting on a bed. They looked confused; as if unsure of where they were. I stood there. Watching them.
The intruder looks around himself, seeing the trap that had been laid. The thrill of a very intelligent prey excited him, but he knew he wouldn't win this battle. He lifted up the data chip to his helmet, allowing the A.I. to download itself into his HUD.

"Finally, you've rescued me. I thought you died."

The intruder emits a low growl.

"Alright, alright. Starting warp sequence. You know, the power required to that is not good for my datacore."

The intruder disappears in a brilliant flash. At the same time, the missiles stopped coming in.
Diethelm woke up seeing the little girl trying to saw off his arm. "Why? And what happened while I was knocked out?"
Arianna removes her knife. "I was hoping starting your regeneration process would wake you up. And I don't know. After I saw what knocked you out I fled behind a medical cabinet."
*Five minutes until vaporization.*

I stride through, calmly burning off various clingers-on. My crew members that do not pass inspection stand to the side and have various tests run on them.

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