PanKoprulu Academy part XIX

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Jaw drops from all the pages that happened while I was asleep.

There is no way that I will be able to catch up now.
I felt the same way CR ._.

Then I just read it XD

And now Power Capsule has to be added to my abilities.

As soon as one is added, I end up getting another :P
Nikola, I have to read 12 pages.

And try not to do anything to crazy please? It just took me 20 minutes to read all of this.

Will do Shade's when I get back from school.

IC: Raven walked to the table and I had opened up a rift, I was tired and I just went through it and I sat down on a chair. "Morning my other personality."

I just looked at him as if the look was a never do it again.

Raven quit and he grabbed a glass and took a sip from it. "I'm thirsty as hell."

I put my hand on my forehead, to bad Akia didn't get everything and I thought she did. I started to see visions that just popped into my head immediately and I fell onto the floor screaming. They were memories and they weren't mine, they were unclear.

Raven shrugged. "Not again.....wonder what happened...." He started to feel something.
Zara'kal accepts the gift from Alnarak, and begins to walk around, trying to find the simulation room. Two broodlings hovered behind him, and, with a simple thought, eight blades flew around him.
I hear the screaming and am startled awake. I pull out my Katana and by reflexes I throw a Psionic slash, just missing one of the new students. "Sorry." I run to the direction of the sound.
I take the glass and set it down for now. I begin looking over the different food selection.

I take a sip from my glass and refill my plate with biscuits and gravy this time. I notice Shade and Raven walk in and I wave to them.
Umbra grins, and whispers "Round and round the serving tray goes, where it stops, only.I know." She loses track of which cup is spiked. "Or not."
"Everything ok Umbra?" I go to take a drink from my glass after finally deciding on a plate of french toast.
"Erm . . . Yeah. Fine." She checks every glass, but she no longer knows who got her 'special' cup. She is confident that it isn't her, or Jess, or Brother. "Guess what I was thinking about doesn't even matter, in the end."
I shrug and take a drink.
I pause a bit then continue eating.
She takes a sip. "Just like Russian Roulette, except they don't know they're playing.", she mumbles.
OOC: I take it you will decide who ends up with the cup?


The french toast was really good. I take another drink finishing off my cup. I sit back in my chair now waiting to see if something happens. I sort of had a bad feeling going that something was going to happen. I wasn't sure what it was though.

Feeling full now I take another drink from my cup and relax in my chair.
OOC:Gotta go to school, be back in a little less than 8 hours.

IC:After John finished setting up his chemistry lab, he walked into the kitchen, grabs a drink and some Swedish pancakes, and he begins to eat and drink.
"This is good." He says with a mouthful.

OOC:If you decide he was the one who took the glass, try to kill him when I'm here.
Nah. That's the wonderful part! You will decide who got it!
I'll make Flint take the bullet this time. Not to much interesting happens to him anyway.


I started to feel odd. I wasn't sure what was happening but I knew it wasn't natural.

OOC: What are the effects of the contents of the canister.
It's basically a commitant- he loses his ability to refuse anything asked of him. }:D

Umbra notices Flint gag a bit. "Not exactly who I was expecting, but hey. No use wasting this golden opportunity." She places her hand on.Flint's shoulder. "Come with me?"
"Sure." I get and follow Umbra. I wasn't sure why exactly I was doing this but I felt like I couldn't refuse. Wait I just remembered the canister she was carrying before. She must have spiked a drink.
"You spiked a drink for someone didn't you?"
She turns and looks at Flint. "Go.shower and come back. You smell funny." She leaps. "And yes. Didn't mean for you to.get it, but you probably don't mind."
I head back to my room and shower. After I finish I redress and head back to Umbra.
Today just got real interesting now. I am now Umbra's pet.
"So now what?"
I see Shade was fine. I let out a sigh of relief. I grab some alcohol. Nothing else I could do to remove my memories for a time. I sit down and drink it.

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