PanKoprulu Academy part XIX

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You handle it. I have no patience right now- I just got burned and electrocuted.

{On my way. Nowhere near close enough to stop her, but if she goes after Flint, he'd only be moderately disembowelled.}

Umbra claps gleefully. "Eeny meanie minie mo . . ."
I lunge out, shouldering Umbra and drawing the blade. "Umbra, your brother isn't in the mood, and after watching my teammates get owned in a few attacks, I'm not either. Now come on, lets go find you some real food."
{Well that would be wonderful for him. Though I am pretty sure that he like is organs where they are.}

I get to the door and find out that it is locked. I curse loud enough that I can be heard through the hall. I grab my welding torch and begin to cut through the door. It will be slow but it will get me through.
Don't worry you guys I will be in there soon.

I hear Jessica curse and see the welding torch starting to cut through the door. Knowing that she might not make it through in time I cast a psi-shield over Zaros and Cayle. That should help protect them. I cast it over myself and then double it over on Cayl and Zaros.

That should deter her some I hope.
Cayl's plugged in, immobilized and helpless.

Umbra pouts. "Cheater." She uses her raw psionic power to invade Flint's mind, disabling the shields. "If he hollers, let him go . . ."
But has double psi-shield over him. No motion required for the cast.
That was directed at Zarkun. Trying to be a hero.
I know. Just restating.
And why didn't you point that out when I was reaching for the katana?
Didn't notice, sorry.
"Not cheating if it stalls you now is it." I smile slightly. Jessica was almost done with the door.
"Beside I thought you would like at least a little struggle."
I couldn't move, but I decided to lower the temperature of the room, dulling Umbra's reflexes. "You know, I'm not psionic."
Is it too late to join this?
Careful with that wind Cayl. That may draw her towards you. It makes you more unique.

Just have to wait until we get back from Earth. Not sure how long that will take though.
09/10/2012 09:08 PMPosted by Dacder
Is it too late to join this?
Not really. This is kind of one of those RPs that are pretty much joinable at any point in time.

edit: @LeKroger: He could always rendezvous with the ship we're on in a dropship or something.

edit 2: Last post for the night.
That is true he could.

Just make sure to format it in the Academy layout please.
Instructions and examples are on the first page.
Owl makes a good point.

IC:<All I could think of being unable to move and all.>
09/10/2012 09:10 PMPosted by Owlfeathers
Is it too late to join this?
Not really. This is kind of one of those RPs that are pretty much joinable at any point in time.

Thanks, where should I sign up?
Don't worry Jessica is almost through the door. I pass a quick image of the door showing the light from the welder a little over halfway through it.


Post it in here as I said before in Academy format. Examples and instructions are on the first page.
"Mmmm . . . Scratch that. That scent, that energy . . . I want it." She leaps at Cayl, biting his exposed face. Blood runs out, and she samples it. "Tasty." She begins to drag on Cayl's psyche, pulling his mind into her own. "Don't worry. It'll be painless- or so I'm told."
"OW! That's it!" I head butt Umbra and activate my helm, encasing my head. "Not cool."

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