PanKoprulu Academy part XIX

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The welder finishes going through the door and I take a hit of Terrazine. My eyes glow as I charge in and grab Umbra pulling her off of Cayl. I use telekinesis to release Cayl from the machine.
Get the others out of the machines. One of the teachers will be here soon.

I feel my energy return and rebuff the shields over Cayl and Zaros just after Jessica pulled Umbra off of Cay.

"Bout time Jessica."

"Hush your just lucky she did decide to take you."
"Feisty. My food doesn't fight back often." She uses psionic energy to pull the nanites away, effectively shelling Cayl. "Now, be a good snack and go.down." She pulls on Cayl's mind again, loosening his mind from his body. When Jessica butts in, she pouts again. "Not very nice, you know. Unless you wanted to take his place?" She draws her gun, loading in tranquilizers.
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Thanks, where should I sign up?
Right here is good.

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Thankfully I had a link to the bracelet and I reactivated the nanites, my armor reforming and reinforcing in strength. "Jessica, hit the switch that releases us!"
I quickly cloak. I feel the Terrazine taking effect. The power I need more.
I use the rest of my terrazine stored in my suit.
"You'll have to find me first. And your not the only one with raw energy." I laugh as I maneuver around her. I draw my combat knife and a Kaiser blade.
Small bits of psionic energy discharge all around me.

"Oh crap. Cayl we need to get out of here now."

OOC: Cayl was released already.
She fires off a Lichen round, which saps Cayl's own strength to form a tough cocoon around him.

Jess enters the hall, and throws a gold-and-white cylinder before her.
I chuckle. "Good try Umbra." A burst of flame frees me and I drop to the floor, rolling and drawing my katana. "Umbra, come to your senses."

OOC: When was I freed exactly?
Top post of the thread. It was right after Jessica pulled Umbra off of Cayl.
OK, I don't know how I missed that. -_-
She smiles. "Oops." She giggles as the plantlike material's other effect kicks in: roots embed themselves into Cayl's skin, sapping his muscular strength, converting it into growth for miniature trees. She reaches out and touches Cayl's face, licking up more blood.

The cylinder beeps slowly.
I growl and tackle Umbra again. This time I start punching her with unrelenting force.
John Carlo<Ghost, Queen, High Templar>[100 HP, 50 SP, 100 energy]
Arament-modified AGR-14 Rifle (8 range, 50 damage)
--Artificial black hole, Chemical bomb, Cloak

Special Notes: Seeing he was a gifted scientific mind early on, his parents saved money so he could go to school, this is the one they chose...however, they noticed he has some slight mental problems (not much more too it, but to put it clearly he's a brilliant scientific mind who's slightly crazy.)
I sigh, releasing another burst of flame. "What is with you, Umbra?" <Shadow, if she doesn't cool it, I'm gonna take off her head.>
Looks good just need it in Academy format.
Danielle Dynamite <Marine, Infestor, Dark Templar> [300 HP, 150 SP, 200 energy]
Armament- Cyclone Rifle {6 range, 55 damage [+95 vs. Light or Structure]}, Warp Blade {Melee, 45 damage}
--Cloak, Fungal Growth, StimPack, Detonator Egg
>>Siege Tank/ Goliath>>Scout/Banshee

Also the spectre rifle needs to be more specific please. I believe it is an AGR-14 Rifle. Least that is what it is in lore. My spectre uses a modified C-10 canister rifle.
It's AGR-14.
She lets a tear fall. Jess notices and books in the opposite direction. Umbra looks at all of them, and heaves a sob. "Why?" As her crying gets worse, the room begins to.come apart, as well as its occupants. The bracelet cracks in half, and the loose Nyx device clatters to the floor. "Why-y . . . D-d-do I . . . Get rejected every time?!" She howls, and the disintegration hits a rapid clip.
Crap. I run forward, clocking Umbra upside the head and knocking her out. <Well, if it makes you happy, I didn't kill her. However, she's going to have quite the goose egg on her head.>
As I feel I must re-explain this (I said it in Reckoning), nothing can harm Umbra while she cries. She either calms down or.falls asleep.

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