PanKoprulu Academy part XIX

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Would I be able to join in some time tomorrow? I want to try to implement a protoss character that uses less psionics and more miniaturized robotics to accomplish his goals (though does have the minor abilities in psionics), and will be wrapping it up in the morning.

EDIT: Biggest thing, how do I go about introducing the character into the RP?
I start to panic now. I have no idea what is going on. I back away from Umbra hold my head.
"No make it stop."

Great not this.

"Umbra, Listen to me. Have you tried asking instead of just doing. People might be more accepting of you decision that way."

"Umbra please calm down we can talk about this more if you calm down."

My breaths become more shallow. Seeing what was happening was altered by the terrazine making it seem worse.

OOC: Yes just please do it in the Academy format and follow the instructions on page one.
*As he is dropped off at the academy, he begins to walk towards the building. He hopes to find someone to explain to him what to do as he walks inside*
She hyperventilates, her crying changing in pitch but not intensity. "Why do y-y-you c-care? Y-you refused, too!"

Ahem. We have left the Academy, for the first vacation.
Oh, and to explain: there is regular curriculum- Shadow does English, Dani.Mathematics, Umbra history, and Jess science- it just doesn't really further the plot, so it gets skimmed.
Oh, well, that post most likely got buried before I read it.

IC: "Umbra, if you were to ask, you might find someone who's willing to do it. I can't, I have a people to return to, but someone, one day, will say yes."
"I only refused because they way you did it. Ever think that I do care, why do you think I protected Cayl and Zaros before myself."

Being immobile was not helping me. I am trying to calm her down.

"Umbra... I know what it is like to feel alone. Trust me when I say that I would like to be your friend."

OOC: Dacder one ability only. And I will have to nerf your energy and hp as well as you atk.
She hiccups, the intensity of her crying dropping. Jess returns, disabling her cylinder and playing a complex tune. Umbra yawns.
OOC: Sorry, but im a little confused on what to do at this point, do I just go look for a professor?
H'm. Well, the Academy is being guarded by the Madness Coalition during the vacation, so seek out one of their officers.

Jess gives a signal to be quiet. Umbra sleepily looks over, touched and stopping her crying. "Re-really?"
Actually, you'd rendezvous with the Vengeance.
Warp pad...

Edit: Draconus check my adjustment to his stats and tell me whether or not that works.
*Once he had entered the building he heard voices, he followed them to a man in uniform*
"Uhhh, there anyone I can talk to about getting set up here?" he said with a nervousness in his voice.
The tall man sneezes. "Geez, they could've at least cleaned up this Zerg mess first." He looks down. "No problem. Who.are you, and what's your business out here?"

EDIT: Damage is a little high, but you're good otherwise.
I give her a look of great certainty and honest. Yes.

I am curled up in a ball in a corner suffering from the adverse effects of the terrazine.

OOC: Are you looking at the repost in the roster or the one he posted. And it was 70 before a nerf to 40.
I sigh and then see Jessica. "Flint, did she take a Terrazine hit?"
She smiles, and begins dozing off. "That's- that's really nice." She falls asleep, and Jess struggles with a piece of equipment that fell from the ceiling, trying to make sure Umbra doesn't wake.

40 is high, 70 is ridiculous. Only way I'd accept damage that high would be glass cannon (low HP) or tank (crappy abilities)
"I think so. More than she should have judging by how she is right now."

Damn it now I have her to worry about as well. If my hair could turn grey I would look like a silver haired man.

"Cayl can you release the machine so I can take care of Jessica?"

Understood, will adjust accordingly.
I go over to Jess and help with the piece of equipment, setting it quietly on the floor, then release Flint and Zaros. I turn back to Jess. "Need help moving her?"
She shrugs. "Nah. Just steer clear of here for a while: a loud noise could wake her, and that would be worse than the crying from a minute ago." She tiptoes out of the room, quietly removing the shredded door.

40 is high, 70 is ridiculous. Only way I'd accept damage that high would be glass cannon (low HP) or tank (crappy abilities)
OOC:Alright, probably should have read through the other chars weapons abit to give myself an idea of the damage, ill nerf it to 50 and lower my health/shields. By the way, who controls the Madness coalition officers?

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