PanKoprulu Academy part XIX

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Moi. Despite my lack of a laptop (and thus the ability to create threads), I am ultimately in charge here.
"Right." I quietly walk out and then go back to my room, grabbing the guitar and strumming the chords to His World by the 21st Century band Crush 40.
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Moi. Despite my lack of a laptop (and thus the ability to create threads), I am ultimately in charge here.
OOC:Sorry to spam OOC posts, but do you mind responding so I can get my char started off?
I sigh as I climb out of the tube. I quickly head over to Jessica who was still in the corner shaking uncontrollably.

"Jessica, focus on me. Everything will be ok."

"It's stopped? Is Cayl ok?" My body was still discharging excess energy. "Is she gone?"

"Yes Jessica it has stopped and Cayl is safe. She is passed out now."

"I cannot believe it she was going to eat him."
All of a sudden everything started to warp in my vision. Everyone was replaced by mutated monsters. I scream and back away from Flint.
"No no no get away from me!" I start using psi-lash on anything that got to close to me.

"Oh no." I fall backwards being hit by a psi-lash.
"Jess do you have a sedative. Jessica is on a bad terrazine over dose. I better get her to sleep before she ends up hurting anyone or herself."
I did . . . Do you not pay attention?

Jess shushes them, and tranquilizes Jessica. Umbra stirs at the noise, then mumbles about thieving midgets.
OOC:Really sorry I didn't see that before, im a little tired :\
IC: "I'm John Carlo, i've come to attend the academy" He said this as he gave him an odd smirk.
I feel a dart hit me. I start to hyperventilate as everything starts to go dark.
"No no no. Cannot fail. Must save...."

I watch as Jessica falls asleep. I see Umbra stir a little and then resume her slumber. I grab Jessica once I am sure she is asleep. I carry her out of the room and head towards the living quarters.

Sorry about that Jess. I didn't expect Umbra to try what she did, let alone Jessica overdosing on terrazine.
Go to bed then, Dac. You won't miss much.
The officer laughs. "You didn't hear? They're on their Halloween break. I could patch through a warp to catch you up. Hold on." He taps in.a few buttons.
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Go to bed then, Dac. You won't miss much.
OOC:Nah, not that tired, but drowsy enough to miss a post.

IC:*John looks at him*
"Halloween break? And ok.." He said in the same nervous tone
Novano <High Templar, Zealot> [75 HP, 90 SP, 300 Energy]
Armament – Mind Assault {7 range, 13 damage (channeled, +12 v Psionic, only usable on biological units)}, Psi Blades {Melee, 16 damage} (he has access to them, but prefers not to use them when avoidable)
Abilities: Drone, Technological Hack,
Vehicle: Immortal>>Phoenix
Misc: Before being sent to the Academy, Novano was given a multipurpose, psionically controlled drone (this is attuned specifically to Novano’s psionic signature… to hack the drone, this signature needs to be replicated). The combat drone can fly a fair amount faster than a Reaper can move, and can use an old Dragoon’s phase disruptor as an attack (15 damage, 35 against larger units and “structures”, 4 range). This drone also has built-in hacking software: Novano can use this to temporarily hack into mechanized devices for short amounts of time (from phones to mech-walkers). To be able to do this, however, Novano needs physical access to the Drone’s hardware for 30 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on the hack complexity.
Also, due to his involvement in the Brood War, he suffers unease and sometimes outright bitterness towards Zerg and Zerg-like creatures.

A little bit beefy on the info, but that's that. Any tweaks needed?

As stated earlier, any postings I do will be later on, around 8ish local time (currently 12:40 here), so if this gets approval, I will begin participation in the morn.
Most SP for any starting character I've ever seen.
Alright again I state only two abilities unless Drac says other wise.

Also topsecret, you need a ground vehicle.
What the French grocery store said. And the SP is a little high . . .
Who's the French grocery store?
Kroger the store. Spelled the same.

I added Le to it for kicks and giggles.

BTW Kroger was a nickname of mine back in high school.
Tweaked and modified.

Being an HT, though, can I leave levitation since all HTs have it? Or does that need to go?
Levitation is standard on HTs, so no worries. But, delete an ability.
OOC:Should I levitate as well?
I would think the levitation wouldn't be a problem if it was left out. That can be how your person moves.

Also, No reply to Flint from Jess?

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