So, I just got here...

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hahaha, its just the continuos killing of random people. When he doesnt make posts like this:

09/11/2012 08:38 AMPosted by ShadowFury
I stay silent as everyone speaks. Then within half a second everyone lays on the floor in a thousand pieces. I grab a mop and start cleaning up the blood and dropping it into a portal to my shadow realm. "So how ya doing?"

09/11/2012 08:42 AMPosted by ShadowFury
I grab Thunder's throat and tear out his kidneys. I pass 'em to smylez.

for NO reason at all. It gets extremely annoying. But other then that he's pretty chill :)
It's who SF is. We all do lots of stuff for no reason in this place.
Relax, Zarkun. ShadowFury can never bother me. I pity him, really. He's going to be so sad once he wakes up to reality.
Hey Topsecret, This I am starting another RP and You are welcome! Its called The Dishonored.

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