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With the recent overhaul patch, I've noticed that even when "Disable OS Keyboard Shortcuts" is checked, and I'm running sc2 in Fullscreen Mode, i can CMD+TAB out of the game. This isn't how it used to be. It used to be that you weren't able to cmd+tab out of the game unless you were in Windowed mode.

This is a problem. Like many other Mac users, I've replaced Control with Command, so now if I'm trying to tab to a different unit within a selection quickly after binding that selection to a control group, the actions are near enough together that I am "tabbed" out of the game. Once again, this never used to occur, and as such I believe it to be a bug.

I'll check this out and see if it intended. I do know that Disable OS shortcuts will never disable Command-Tab at all, but that was for Windowed mode(s).
Cool, thanks :D....

Any verdict yet?
I spoke with the team about this, and there hasn't been any changes to Command-Tab that they are aware of. And from the looks of it, Command-Tab is something that is never disabled, in any mode.

Command-Tab, Command-M, Command-H, and Command-Option-Q are shortcuts that will never be disabled in any mode.

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