Pankoprulu Academy, Year 18

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I was still looking at the cloth.

OOC: Last post for the night.
"I understand that. Look. I am calm enough to be able to defeat a demon who uses anger as a fuel source, so I am not that f*cking bad."
I remain silent looking into my glass.

I just sit in my chair watching the argument unfold. I keep my thoughts to myself to avoid adding to it.
Jess, in the silent interlude, pulls a flute out of her backpack. "Anyone who wants to join me, I'll thank you." She proceeds to play the theme of Luigi's Mansion.
The bloodstain was dark brown and flaking. It was old.
Akia, said "Ah, Zaros is hopeless... You know, people don't like jerks who flaunt off their past saying it gives them an excuse to act that way."
She turned away, and said, "It is better to be loved, and torn away, to have never had anyone to begin with. You had parents... Abel wasn't even born. He was created."
Akia turned away, and started walking towards her room, she pauses, turns around, gets her upgrade and leaves.
(Is holy shield allowed? Or do I have to get a Protoss ability. If so, I call Hallucination.
I start humming along. "Anyone got a guitar?"
I just walk over to Alnarak and ask for a Permanent Cloak. After I get it I walk to a room I called my own. I slam the door shut and lay there, playing with a pocket knife.
I take Charge from Alnarak, then run to my room, remembering that I'd packed mine, and join Jess. "Don't get to do this very often."
"I can play the bass. Sorta anyway, I haven't played in years so I might be a rusty on my skills. Oh dang it I don't have my bass. I think I left it on Chau Sara when I was there."
I take another drink from my glass. I was starting to feel the effects of intoxication. Relaxed and clouded mind. I better be careful about what I do. I set my glass down and listen to the music.

I take psi-storm as my upgrade.

I take detection as my ability.
"I was never really gifted with music. I just listen."
Alnarak willingly gives the Protoss items, waving his right index finger like a conductor's baton.

Jess continues to play the song on her flute, smiling slightly.
For lack of a reason not to, I play a recording of the song in time with Jess, while reading through my internal archives of data and passively running a study program on Mutalisk anatomy.

edit: What are the upgrades available from Alnarak again?
Protoss abilities, or plasma weapons.
As much fun as Jess's choice was, I felt a need for a change up, so I start playing Low Rider.

Robot joining in FTW.

"Alright, thanks." She goes into her pack and pulls out sheets of metal of four different colors: red, blue, yellow, and white. "Flint, Ceas, Cayl, feel free to take one and integrate it. I found these in a Commune depot."
I hear Cayl change songs. I recognize it right away. It was making want to play even more.
"Cayl do you happen to have a bass packed away do you?"

I take the blue metal. "Thanks Jess I'll figure something to do with it."
Blue Alloy- SCUBA SYSTEM: immunity to stun effects, Monster Pump does 0 damage.
I stop playing for a moment then nod. "Right corner in the back of my room, Flint." I then take the red one. "Thanks." I resume playing.
"Thanks." I head to the Cayl's room and grab the bass. I return to the hall and plug it in. I tune it real quickly and then join Cayl in playing.
Red Alloy- FORGED COURAGE: +50% damage, immunity to the Flare Cannon
Woot! With Medival, I do 100% damage!

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