Pankoprulu Academy, Year 18

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"You know Cayl. We could use more cowbell." I chuckle a bit with the comment.

OOC: Points to whoever gets the reference.
School of Rock I believe. I know my Pep band used the phrase alot.

I chuckle. "I'm sure I have one in there too. I like to play music."
"I'll take the white alloy. I'll run a scan on it and see what special properties it has."
White Alloy- CHEMICAL REDIRECT DEVICE: double movement speed, 0 damage from Comedy Bomb

"So did my squad. The officers loved open mic night at the mess. Then again most of them were drunk anyway. Surprising what four Goliath pilots and a Valkyrie pilot can do in making impromptu music."

As the song ends I wait for Cayl to lead into another.
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White Alloy- CHEMICAL REDIRECT DEVICE: double movement speed, 0 damage from Comedy Bomb
OOC: Yay, I now move faster than a Phoenix! Mwahahaha.
I start into one of my favorites, Back in Black.
I follow in with the bass notes. "So Cayl what is your home world like?"
"Loria is well, a lot like Earth is described in the computer we crashed with. We have the recipes for a lot of foods from Earth as well as drinks. The most important find however was that it held the genealogy for pretty much the whole sector. Fairly Zerg free too. We've only really had one run in with them." I chuckle. "That's off topic though. 4 continents that we count. If we add the two ice caps then there's six. The one I'm from is full of forests and streams and rivers and is just...the most beautiful place I've seen in all my travels. Course its home, so are you surprised I'd say that?"
"Not really. Earth itself was beautiful as well. That was well before my time though. I think the time in which we are going is when its beauty started to fad faster."

"I would like to visit your home world sometime. It sounds like a place I have been looking for for quite awhile."
I nod. "When we're done at the Academy, we'll pay it a visit. You'd be welcomed warmly."
OOC: By the way, my damage with the Medieval upgrade is 254.
I nod back. I decide to morph myself into a likeness of myself when I had left Earth. I was shorter and not a stocky as I am now. My hair was short and had a deep brown color and my eyes were green. My body looked less worn down by time. My protoss tendril grafts now longer shown.
Grrrrrrr...Mine at most is 146. And that's versus armor.
OOC: Can I get Medieval for Zara'kal?

IC: Zara'kal wakes up and gets out of the chair. He seeks out Alnarak, and asks
Would you have something for me to learn how to make Hallucinations similar to that of the Sentry's?
The song ends and I set the bass down. I head back to my seat and down the rest of my scotch.

"Well I think I am off to my quarters. I have work to do on that armor. Thanks Cayl for letting play the bass."
I head off to my room and start working on the legs of the suit.

I watched both Cayl and Flint finish playing. I get up as well and grab my helmet.
"Your home world sounds very interesting Cayl. I think I might join you guys in visiting there."
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Grrrrrrr...Mine at most is 146. And that's versus armor.
I do 381 with Destabilize. Cue evil laugh.
"I'd be honored." I set down the guitar and integrate the red piece of metal into my armor, feeling the increase in weapon out put. "Cool." I turn on my radio. {Still need help with that armor, Flint?}
{Yeah, I will probably work this metal that Jess gave me into chest plate when I finish it.}

I decide to had back to my room. There wasn't much else to do and Flint was working on his armor.
When I enter my room I lock the door and grab a small data pad that I had. I pull up the schematics of my ship and look for different things that I can change for the better.
For some reason it didn't help that my mind was wandering. I thought it was the Terrazine but I feel the effects of it no longer in place.
{On my way then.} I leave the dining room and head to Flints room. "So what exactly do you need help with?"

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