Pankoprulu Academy, Year 18

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"Scaling the armor down and making sure the cybernetics are functioning properly. I can work with some of it but I am more accustom to large Mechs and their works. I am also wanting to harden the armor and improve a few other things."

I pass the arm pieces to him. "Think you can do anything with these?"
Looking them over, I nod. "Shouldn't take long to do." I start downsizing the arm guards, making sure that they'd fit Flint.

OOC: I think I'm done for the night. Night ya'll.
I restart my work on the chest plate now trying to integrate the blue metal.

OOC: Alright, see you later then.
I return, smoke and poison coiling off my armor. Arcs of electricity dance across the suit, and I am visibly soaked. "No one use the Commune Combat Simulator for a while." I walk back out.
Do some damage to it? By the way that was a good scotch you have in store.
I keep working on the chest plate. I reworked the matrix generator so it is part of the plate as whole. The blue metal is now worked into the armor in a decorative manner.
There's a glitch in the system. Just give it an hour or so to cool. And, thanks. I pride myself on quality.

If that didn't come across enough, I want someone to check it out.
Interesting, I don't plan on using it anytime soon. Busy working on getting this armor readjusted so it fits me better. Cayl is giving me a hand.

Before I leave you company I will have to share with you a whiskey I got back when I left Earth. I have kept it unopened since then. It is a particularly fine one that my grandfather gave me. It probably cost him a years pay just to get it. I decide to save it for a special occasion. I think defeating the Commune might be one for a celebration.
I walk up to Alnarak as he is leaving.

"May I have the techniques for creating a Vortex? And Jess, do you still have that Yellow Alloy? I would like to learn some of the properties of it for future battles."

OOC: I miss so much doing homework >.>

Oh, and I think my damage, at least on the Subterranean Spines, still needs to be doubled.
Ok, I know I missed soemthing because I had to go to bed. So what the hell are we talking about by alloy's???????????????????????????????????????????????????? And you know that I wont be able to answer this at school.

And Raven and Shade want DT Perma-Cloak.

IC: I created a rift and I took Raven with me, we were right next to the Protoss. "Dark Templar Permanent Cloak please?"

Raven then looks at the alloy's with a look. "What is that?"
I come out and look for the simulator. I was hungering for battle.
Unbeknownst to Zaros...

He's being followed. Well, more shadowed than followed.
About the Alloys- part of a thing with Jess. Only characters who were part of it were Flint, Ceas, and Cayl.

Alnarak hands over the machines and techniques' procedures.

Jess crosses her arms. "No."

The massive Simulator dominates a room. Screens line a wall, and VR tanks take up another. The operator stands by a panel, waiting for something to do. "Hello."
"Hey. Place me in versus a swarm of Tal'Darim Zealots and Zerglings." I walk over to the simulator.
The.attendant shrugs. "No can do. I'm in a cooldown period- whatever was fought last will be added to the simulation, and that's not recommended."
"What was fought last?"
"Uuummmmmm . . . Shadow took on the Titan Dweevil."
"The what?"
The attendant smirks. "The last of a practically dead species. The Commune decided to.domesticate it and give it a couple new toys."

Dani yanks the yellow sheet out of Jess's hand, and plays keep away with Kentel. Jess screams for them to give it back.
I tinker with the arm armor, attempting to integrate a gift from to to Flint into it, but Protoss tech was picky. {Shadow, what exactly are these alloys for?}
I set the chest plate down and grab one of the leg units and start checking the cybernetics to make sure they were still functional. With a little more work they will work just fine.

I am to restless to try to sit still and focus. I leave my room and wander the ship for now.

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