Pankoprulu Academy, Year 18

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With a click, the nanite tube goes in at last. If nothing else, it'll save him the maintenance. I hand Flint the arm guards back, all done with downsizing the armor and integrating it. "What else you got for me?"
"I think that might be it. I thought it might have ended up being more complicated but I guess not. The leg units seem to be in better condition that the rest aside from the cybernetics. I'll need a power source for the armor and I think the Khaydaryn crystal I have will cover that."
I finish the cybernetics on one leg and begin sizing the unit down. After a little while longer I move on to the next leg repeating the process.

OOC: Drac upon completion of the armor is a Hp and speed boost approved.. I was thinking a 40 HP and an increase of .5 in speed.
"Alright, I'm gonna see if I can find a combat simulator around here. Need to test this new Charge ability." I head out, searching for a sim.
"No problem and thank you very much Cayl. I might be able to join you in a little while. Should be done with this armor shortly."

I continue to on the leg unit.
should i just say i finally fell asleep in a supplycloset or something? lol)
Yeah or passed out in a room.
Or in the dining room. That would be really funny. Then ask for your upgrade, Protoss ability or energy weapon, in your sleep.

IC: I finally find one and find Zaros talking with what I assume is the technician. "Hey, why isn't there something happening?"
I finish the leg unit and put the armor on. It is hard to move in right now but as soon as I get power core for it will function just fine. I leave my room and head for the simulator hoping to test the armor out.

I pass through the dining room again and see Jess shouting at Dani and Kentel as they pass a sheet of metal around keeping it out of her reach.
Need some help Jess?
Karma snores quietly through the large piece of cheese pizza her face had fallen on after she finally passed out from being awake for nearly a day and a half. She seems to be almost half awake though, for she keeps murmbling something hardly audible through the goey cheese that has covered her face.

(So what do i got to choose from?)
All Protoss abilities or plasma/energy weapons Jay.


I look over and see the new student still at the table passed out. She must have really been tired to sleep through that argument earlier.

I see Zaros and Cayl standing near the entrance to the simulator room. "I take it the room is still in cool down."
Jess jumps, her shorter height working against her (she is 5'4", Dani is 6', Kentel is 6'6"). "Please?"

No problem on the boost.

Stuff Jess found in a Commune armory depot.
I smile as I grab the sheet in the air using my telekinesis. and pull it towards Jess. There you go.

OOC: Alright, for the tine being he will have the health boost but since he doesn't have a power core for it he will suffer a -1 move penalty.
I was back in the room just looking at the cloth, the blood was caked on it.
Dani sneers. "Spoilsport."
"I could have done worse." I smile underneath my helmet. "Besides, I am sure there is something better for you two to do." I start to walk out of the dining room.
Waiting in the simulation room...
The technician puts up.his hands. "Look, you.can try to fight what Shadow did, but don't say you weren't warned."

Jess hugs the small yellow metal to her chest.

Dani leaves, hiccuping on her way out.
Why were the three of them given metals? I am just wandering.
Little mini-bonus for cheering up Jess.
I think for a moment, then nod. "I think Flint and I can handle it."

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