Pankoprulu Academy, Year 18

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Two of the tanks open, one belching smoke.
"Probably. This armor is a little cumbersome but I can manage. Ready when you are."

I head to the tank that is smoking.
I walk towards the other. "Any idea how this thing works?"
The blood chips off, and a small array of small crystals, break off, with a flash, they hover, and start flying in every direction, hiding in very crevice of the ship.
One zipping around, smacks Shadow in the forehead sending him a psionic image.
"A pool of blood, the sound as a spear was pulled out of flesh, and the smell of death."
By the way, I can't do anything else because I am being forced to go somewhere so no internet to post anything.
"Not sure but I think it is the same as the modules in class just VR."
I relax inside the tank waiting for the program to start.
"Take your word for it." I relax a bit, running a mental check on my equipment.
I see Jess hugging the metal sheet. I smile again and walk out of the dining room and explore the ship some more.
I follow behind Cayl and Flint. My Katana is out of it's sheath on my back in a flash.
The tanks snap shut, sealing their occupants inside.

A white flash of light encompasses their fields of vision, and they find themselves standing in a cityscape.
Titan Dweevil
25000 HP
2 Armor
14 movement speed
Monster Pump- 50 range, 20 damage (100 v. Armored)
Flare Cannon- 8 range (3 AoE, linear splash), 20 damage (100 v. Light)
Comedy Bomb- 6 radius circle AoE, 20 damage (100 vs. Biological)
Shock.The!!%!%*- 4 range (chain hit 8 targets, 20 damage (100 vs. Mechanical or Robotic)
I duck behind cover quickly. This thing looks ludicrous.

I use psi-enhancement and psi-shield then cast psi-storm over our opponent.
Wow, that's intimidating...What's my movement speed again?

IC: I Jet behind a building, firing rounds from my plasma rifle into it. "What is that thing?"
"No idea but if Shadow fought it I would assume it is some Commune unit. What ever it is it ain't looking to friendly either."

I move closer and cast plague then another psi-storm.
Now out of energy I move to keep my distance from our foe so my energy can recharge.
No worries, it only takes a beam of death hitting the robot 161 times to destroy the robot and thanks to its fast attack speed, y'all should sacrifice yourself to buy time for Ceas to pew pew. It'll be a very quick death for both of you.
To bad Ceas is not where we are. This is a simulation anyway. Besides with a the alloy upgrades that Cayl Flint and Ceas received they are granted immunity to one attack each. Cayl takes no damage from the flare cannons. Flint takes no damage from the monster pump. Ceas takes no damage from Comedy bomb.
But Ceas is not in the simulation.
"You make a good point." I use the jetpack to quickly move from the building I dashed behind earlier to a different one, firing more plasma rifle shots. "Sure is tough though."
I look at the thing. "What the hell is that thing?" I ask before jumping out of the way of a flame. I quickly move up to it and slice it's legs about twenty times before fleeing behind Cayl.
It begins to use the Monster Pump, in its volleys of twelve shots, at Cayl.
"No kidding. I think the two psi-storms I cast over it did a little bit. Plague should be doing some damage over time. Not much but some anyway."

I move from cover to another spot farther out of its range.

"Watch out Cayl. Incoming rounds."

I almost had enough energy to start casting again.

"Cayl close in on me and I cast psi-shield over you. It should soak up some damage."
It stomps over, and switches to the Shock Thera.pist.

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