Pankoprulu Academy, Year 18

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I roll out of its way and quickly activate the matrix generator. I use psi-enhancement again and dash out of its range again. I cast plague and psi-storm over it again as I run.
It electrocutes Cayl and Zaros, then switches to the Flare Cannon.
I duck behind a building to take cover from the flames. {Cayl, Zaros rally on me.}
Appearing indecisive, it stands directly over the pair and uncaps the Comedy Bomb.
"Crap." I charge out of cover and run to Zaros and Cayl. I cast psi-shield over both of them as I get in range. I follow by a cast of psi-shield over myself on top of the defense matrix I already had on.
"Get out from under it!"
I jump onto its leg and carve a hole into the armor with my psi-blade. I climb into the hole and start tearing apart what ever I can.

OOC: Question this is a Mech correct?
"Thank you for your time Alnarak. And Jess, I hope everything is alright. Need help with anything?" I say, quite obviously shifting around; unsure of these Terran customs.
I run and jump at the beast, using a few Psi slashes while I was in the air. I activate my cloak and stab into it. I remove the blade and jump up, grabbing any loose nook I can. As I get to the shoulder I stab into the head/neck.
Nope. Think of it as an oversized spider, and the front pair of legs switches between weapons the Commune attached to its back.

The poison.coiling out encompasses all three combatants.
My hands started to shake with fear and anticipation. "What....just happened?"

Raven was looking around the room. "I have no idea what that was?"
I've yet to get to even attempt to move...

IC: I jetpack up to even with it's face, firing my plasma rifle twice, then move towards one to the windows, crashing through it.
I stab into it, make a hole and yell, "SOMEONE PASS ME A GRENADE!"
I feel my zerg cells removing the poison from my system. It wasn't doing very quickly but enough to slow the effect.
I morph one arm into a blade and use it and my psi-blade to climb the beasts leg. Upon reaching the top of the beast I start slicing into its back with my psi-blade and morphed blade. I cast psi-enhancement to increase my attack speed.
It angrily shakes the lot if them off, burying them in the concrete. It takes advantage of the situation by utilizing the Comedy Bomb a second time.
I start to feel the effects of the poison. Sh!t.
As the group recovers, it pulls out the Flare Cannon, making a chuckling noise.
I hit it with a couple psi-storms and plague again. I notice that defense matrix has worn off.
I pull myself out of the concrete and dash under one of it rear legs slicing it off completely as I pass.
I roll behind a pillar of the building I was hiding in, contemplating my options.

OOC: Gonna be gone doing yard work for a couple hours. Be back asap.
It roars in pain, activating the weapon and frying Flint to a fillet.
I run under it, still cloaked and cut off two legs and quickly move out from under and run behind a pillar.
Psi-shield took most of the damage but didn't last long. I had just enough energy to activate defense matrix one more time. I continue to run under it slicing at it legs.

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